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The Chocolate Buddha

The need for a spiritual connection is a vital part of taking care of ourselves. This is an important part of taking care of our bodies and minds. When we create the time to purposefully sync up our meditations with mindfulness, we offer ourselves the extraordinary opportunity to call abundance into our lives.

The energy you draw in to yourself has to be in balance. If you are getting negative energy, you need to banish it. You cannot allow yourself to be controlled by fear, doubt or negativity. When this happens, you are drawing the wrong energy in to your body and mind. Instead, you need to focus on positivity and banish all the negative energy from your body and mind.


I was born to teach the world to LOVE. The best Teachers, however, must first be avid learners. The only way to truly learn to LOVE is to escape the opinions of others.


Audre Lorde, the renowned feminist activist, once proclaimed “If I didn’t define Myself for Myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies of Me, and eaten alive.” So LOVE begins with Self-actualization.


Self-actualization, however, apart from the I AM presence is still not the truth of who we are. Humans tend to project themselves as certain things, attempting to flex their spiritual muscle. When you are LOVE, no posing is necessary.


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Earth is Our Mother and Africa is the Placenta. Africa is THE ONLY Land connected to Our Mother by the umbilical cord. Africa is not a barren Land, and never will be as long as Our Mother lives. it is just that the dogs keep stealing the Children’s bread, and the older Brothers (African Leaders) keep casting the Children’s bread to the dogs.

Every other Land will pass away, but heaven (the Inherent Divinity of Afrika) and Earth (the Land of Afrika) shall never pass away. Stop letting the dogs convince. You that America (a bastard Child) is truly Africa (The Heir). This Island is not connected to the umbilical cord, and thus is not infinite with resources. Just because Your people got here first, THIS IS NOT OUR HOME. 

All You must do is pay attention to Nature. Racism is not about hate. It is about power. It is different from bigotry and prejudice. Racists do not want Us dead. Racists realize the great power within Us and know that They cannot survive without Us. They brought Us here, not because of racism, because Husbandry was foreign to a people who only knew how to survive off hunting and foraging. They understood that We could cultivate the Land in ways not even the aboriginal people of Turtle Island could.

Integration was Their movement because They began to realize that without enslaving Us, We could thrive apart from Them. They burned down Our prosperous communities for the same reason They would beat or maim a single slave in front of all the other slaves: it was to provoke Our submission. The only way to get Us to abandon Our Self-sufficiency apart from Them was to make Us believe We needed Them to survive.   

The Black Nationalists never had an issue with segregation. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, Huey P. Newton, Kwame Ture, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali… All taught personal accountability, and the most progressive were those who had no theology behind Their mission. Therefore, those movements had to be annihilated. The Panthers were imprisoned falsely as criminals. Marcus Mosiah Garvey was exiled as a criminal. The religious movements were allowed to stand because waiting on God makes a people less threatening.

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The mission of the Black LOVE Accountability Cartel is to foster manumission for Black people individually and collectively all over the world.


Our vision is to create spaces and operatives towards the empowerment of Black people globally beginning with the restoration of Self-LOVE which inspires personal accountability. Through various discipleship programs we instill Righteous values in the next generation and help the present generation with breaking free from decades of personal, and centuries of ancestral indoctrination because of Roman imperialism. The goal is to establish Set-Apart communities around the world founded on principles that return Us to Divine alignment with Nature towards eternal Life, and liberation from all forms of white supremacy