A Conversation of Affirmation Between Todd and Little Todd

I congratulate me for achieving my present level of self-mastery.

I AM so proud of myself for manumitting from other people’s opinions.

I AM in love with my body for being here for me to experience this life for these moments through all challenges and obstacles.

My mind is perfectly at peace, and I appreciate it for giving animation to my body.

I love how dope my soul is for the magick it emanates to give me everything I desire in abundance.

Divine right action is always taking place in my life.

Only good comes from each experience.

It is safe to grow up.

I AM perfect as I AM.

I AM not obligated to satisfy any standards set for me by anyone else.

I AM beautiful beyond compare.

The love I have for myself is completely sufficient, and I have no need for the acceptance of my peers.

I do not have to tell myself no.

The Universe is abundant with all of my wants and needs.

There is no greater achievement than my own happiness, and I need no one else to agree with me.

I deserve all of my heart’s desires, and they are rapidly manifesting for me because out of my own heart flow the issues of life.

I AM in competition with no one, not even who I was yesterday.

I AM victorious in all my intentions.

I don’t have to pick what others want for me.

The rules don’t apply for me.

There is no one who can judge me, not even a god.

My father loves me unconditionally according to his level of understanding.

My mother loves me unconditionally according to her level of understanding.

My love for others is not defined by any material gifts I give.

My intelligence is personal and unable to be measured by any other being.

I don’t have to have siblings to be complete.

I don’t need girls to like me to be significant, and they are not right or wrong for their feelings towards me.

I belong, because I AM divinely connected.

I forgive myself for not measuring up to the perceptions of others.

I forgive all others for projecting their perceptions onto me.

I AM free to say no to anything I do not want to do.

I have nothing to fear.

I AM free to explore the world as my soul chooses.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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