Don’t Call Me King

Do you realize that in the context of time, both government and religion are brand new? The earth is literally millions of years old, and The Universe, in its present alignment, likely trillions. Government and religion, which are both just forms of law, are only several thousands of years old.

What you view as religion is just a clever disguise for human governments. In order to limit the risk of revolt from the populace, men blamed gods for instituting what was reality these men’s own will over the people.

To further solidify this agenda, these men even began to write mythos which they passed off as the word(s) of these invisible gods. It was a brilliant plan, and now most of the world has bought into it.

Kings are individuals who rule over other individuals. So, a kingdom is the rule of a king (or queen). There is one individual who exerts his or her own desire upon all the people, and it is usually reinforced with threats of incarceration or death (either temporal or eternal).

So, before humans became consumed with their egos, and decided they could decide what was right and wrong for all of humanity, there were no laws. Laws became the result of the men and women holding others responsible for their feelings about themselves, and life.

Kings and queens rely on subjects for their significance and validation, and that is the problem in the world today. Kings are lords and masters, but above their own laws. That’s the general hypocrisy of humanity in 2019. Humans want everyone to give up their freedom while they maintain the liberty to do what they please.

Americans are the epitome of this reality, even as much as they despise the concept of kingdoms. In gaining independence from Great Britain, the consensus was on religious freedom, and escape from what they viewed as tyranny, yet each time an individual tries to legislate right or wrong, whether from a political or personal standpoint, they become tyrants themselves.

EVERYTHING now regarded as right or wrong, and deemed legal or illegal began as the personal feelings of one individual, and that individual convinced others to obey him. Even to say the KINGDOM of God is within you is subliminally keeping you indoctrinated to this idea that someone is ruling everyone else, and there is an established order that all must align with.

So to further the subjection of the citizens, heaven was invented as a reward, and hell as a punishment. This is what kings do. They either promise you favor for your allegiance, or threaten you with punishment for your rebellion. None of it is consistent with nature, but those same men have you convinced that without laws, humans would be out of control.

The truth is that what is viewed as out of control, is really just someone a ruler (whether verifiable or self-imposed) is unable to overpower and subdue. Nat Turner was called out of control. Dutty Boukman was called out of control. Joan of Arc was called out of control. All were labeled such because they refused to bow to tyranny.

I AM no one’s king. Even as a father, I AM not here to rule anyone. I don’t need to dominate anyone else to be validated. I AM a god. My sufficiency is wholly within me, and embracing my own distinct significance is the key to my happiness.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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