Just Be Yourself

If you identify as Jewish, whether you believe you are a descendant of Ya’akov or a convert, conduct your life according to your own understanding of what it means to be a Jew. Remember that goyim are just nations, and Yisra’ēl is also a nation. Do not, however, seek to impose your Judaism upon any other.

If you identify as Christian, live how you are convinced a Christian is supposed to live. You should only expect others who also choose your exact same brand of Christianity to believe and act as you. You made the choice for yourself to become a Christian. It is not who you were born. You are not free to judge another for not becoming what you have chosen to become.

If you identify as Muslim, be the Muslim you believe you should be according to your own understanding. It is not your right, though, to seek to annihilate any others because they have chosen another path than you towards enlightenment.

The point is that, whatever you identify as, if it is part of any group identity, you are simply conforming to a compartmentalization that someone else invented. The only thing any of us were born is ourselves. Until someone told you that you were something else, you were not. And you still had to accept that other person’s label to even perceive yourself as such.

Whatever you identify as, whether as self-aware or as a member of any particular group, you are responsible for finding your own path within that, and because within those paths, every is seeking acceptance in place of significance, everyone desires for everyone else to agree with what they think of themselves. Love doesn’t accept because of your alignment with what it believes. Love accepts in spite of how different you choose to be from who it chooses to be.

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