World Without End

It is said that the circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles. Ignore the pointless arguments of whether earth is round or flat, or if man has ever actually been to outer space, but have you ever stopped to logically think about who measured the earth?

Measurements are human inventions. No one has ever taken a tape measure and wrapped it around the earth to determine its size. So what was the motive behind coming up with this number? Whose agenda was it to do so?

We have people trying to control the population with ideas of scarcity that provoke fear in the hearts of men. They gave you maps, and established boundaries to instigate division and rivalries, and for what?

So, now the powers that be attempt to dissuade people from their power, and have convinced many to perceive themselves as dependent upon “the system”. You have been bamboozled into believing the earth is limited, so you see others as your competition.

How long has religion been telling you the end of the world is coming? They even interlaced their divination with safeguards for when you would awaken, and begin to question it. They told you that just when you least expect it, the end will come. So, instead of you returning to your power, you are too caught up in trying to make sure you are ready for the end.

All the lack, scarcity, and famine the world has ever known has been the result of a calculated agenda to keep the people subdued with fear. The truth is that the earth is alive, and will never stop growing.

So, cast of your fear by embracing perfect love. Stop allowing others to convince you that you are greedy or selfish for wanting more. There’s plenty for everyone to be abundant, but if everyone is abundant, no one will be able to rule over anyone else, and the egotistical of the world, would die of misery.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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