Why Anarchy?

The greatest travesty of nationhood is that, just as religion, it unwittingly strips the individual of his autonomy, and enslaves him under a guise of gross conformity dressed as interdependence. Interdependence has been proven to be a farce, for in its system, all are required to die as martyrs. None are free to live to themselves, and by it, the entire earth has become a prison.

The soul and ego are two vastly different energy forms. The soul is powered completely by love, and seeks to only experience all. In experiencing The All, without a desire for control, what the soul learns is how to interact with itself. The soul finds beauty and enjoyment in every experience, recognizing that all that is is itself, and everything it perceives is just different manifestations of its divinity and glory.

The ego, however, is fueled exclusively by judgment. Because of this foundation upon which the ego exists, its significance is only found in that which it judges as right and good. The ego doesn’t see itself in anything, and thus feels a need to possess everything. It lives under a delusion of disconnection. This delusion brings the soul to a need for attachment. It tries to subject everything to its power, even the earth.

We were never meant to study our surroundings for mastery. We are intended to research them, in love, with the goal of understanding in mind. At some point in the history of mankind, the ego overtook the soul, and we stopped our pursuit of oneness and coexistence, and instead replaced it with desires for supremacy and conformity.

The Bible blames the divisive downfall on the men having one mind to get to a place called heaven. It’s just extremely ironic that the vast majority of religions today are demanding your conformity to rules they claim were put in place by their gods, just so you can get to this place that man had supposedly once before attempted to reach when they were as one. Yet, they were supposedly separated from one another, and lost the ability to communicate because they had one mind to get to this place called heaven.

Basically, this is an allegorical alliteration of how nations were formed. The ego overwhelmed the soul, and men began to notice the differences between them, and forgot the beauty of reflective commonality they shared via the soul. The ego then sought to rule over lands and peoples, and thus they created laws. These laws sought to force the rest of men to obey the egos of one or a few, and strip men of their freedom to be as their souls were.

It was these laws that made men aware of the idea of sin, as foreign as it is to the soul. The problem became, though, that sin had no standard weight of measurement. It varied from family to family, tribe to tribe, culture to culture, and nation to nation, usually based solely upon the will of the one whose ego asserted itself as most dominant. Then, as men began to judge one another based upon the laws of ego, that demanded conformity to the standards they themselves has set as right and good.

As men stopped living by their souls, the ego began to see other men as enemies, and that sight led men to attempt to possess those enemies. The perceived enemies they were unable to possess by suggestive conformity, they attempted to possess by acts of violence. When they couldn’t possess them through robbery and rape, they began to murder them. And thus, wickedness was born.

It is human government that created chaos, and then the same human governments have been expected to control the very chaos they created. They cannot control it, and the fact of the matter is they have no desire to control it. The only way to control it is to give up the desire for control. The world must experience a great reformation; a repentance of massive proportions. But not a religious revolution. Fuck no! Religions are just another form of human government, by which the human masters blame the demanded conformity on fictional gods whom no one else has seen. That way the people become fearful of disobeying “God”, rather than empowered enough to love themselves unconditionally, exclusive of the demands of the human masters.

The egotistical rulers were brilliant in their strategy. This ensured that the people would not revolt against them, even if they didn’t fear their government. They wouldn’t revolt against them because they feared the god they had invented. None of us needs a king, not even King Jesus. Hell, the TaNaKh even says so itself. Read Jeremiah 31:30-33 when you find time. Within each of us is our own government, and that government is our own souls. When we are free to simply love ourselves as we are, we also love all other things, both living and inanimate, as they are. And that love restores in us the oneness as it was in the beginning. Borders and boundaries disappear as freedom is realized. There are no more chains. There is no more fear. There is no more judgment. The ego is returned to its proper balance, and repentance is fulfilled.

This is the only way the many return to The One. This is the only way The Omniversal Multiverse becomes again The Universe. But it all begins with the simply step of men being truly free to experience and be experienced, rather than to possess and be possessed. I love you too much to try to control who you are. I need you to be the divine wildflower you were created to be. And the truth is, everything natural is wild. Only that overly affected by the ego becomes tamed and cultivated, and that shit is about as hybrid and GMO as it gets.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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