Armageddon is a Battle Within

Satan never MADE anyone do anything. Satan actually did the thing himself or herself… because each of us is the very adversary the Bible speaks of in our own lives. We are also the true and living power (God) of our own lives though.

As it is written, on behalf of Ēl, my people perish for the lack of knowledge. It IS important to KNOW what is actually written in any text you wish to use to govern your life. You cannot be content to just BELIEVE what someone else told you is written in it.

You use words in contexts foreign to the understanding of those who wrote that which you claim to follow, and then wonder why you are not seeing the things written of therein. Well, it’s because you haven’t accepted the failure of your faith yet. In classic insanity form, you keep doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result.

Step one to achieving salvation is to get wisdom. Wisdom is the principle thing. So, get wisdom, and in all your getting, get understanding. Wisdom is experiential knowledge, but after each experience, there remains a need to process what you learned. This will help correct the erroneous beliefs you previously held.

Step two is repentance. Not repentance in the sense religion taught you. NO, NO, NO. Repentance is not godly sorrow. Repentance is gratitude for the self-knowledge attained through every situation, and a return to the true self revealed in the midst of that occurrence. You are simply acknowledging how you have been your own enemy, and choosing to be your own power instead.

Step three is acceptance in perfect love. The problem many people run into after coming into an understanding of their true selves, and returning to their true selves, is the weight of other people’s judgment. This contention often leads people to the feeling that they were “better off dead” in trespasses (violating the law within them trying to please others) and sins (believing the lies of their egos). This is when it is most important to reject every voice contrary to the voice of God within YOU.

This is deliverance from the adversary. This is redemption from the world. You don’t need a messiah or a place called heaven for any of this. All of this is, and always has been, within you. You just have to cast off conformity to the world around you, and be transformed by returning to your own righteous mind within you.

The devil is a liar and a deceiver too. God is not through blessing you. The devil is the lower self within you, and God is your highest self. It’s really that simple.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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