The God Deception

There is NO personified God. The word God is of Germanic origin, stemming originally from the Hebrew word Gad, meaning “a troop”. If one was to read the Bible as it is written, instead of as it was translated by men with a monotheistic, religious agenda, it would be discovered that אלוהים, the word translated as God in the TANaKh (Old Testament) is in various other places also translated as “sons of God”, and even “angels” when the monotheistic agenda was clearly defied in the text.

The word אלוהים (ēlôhīm) is a plural word in EVERY instance in which it appears in the Hebrew-Aramaic language. Gods are created just as is everything else in The Universe. The word ēlôhīm actually, literally, means “powers”. This is why all the cultures preceding the Hebrew mythos, and most others after the Biblical origin except for modern societies, understood the sun, moon, stars, and planets to be Gods. They recognized the influence these beings had on all other life.

Yes, there is an Infinite Creative Source, but that Source is not God. Nor is that Source knowable, as it is invisible and impersonal. The Gods that mortals have personal relationships with are simply created beings who have achieved self-mastery through perfect alignment with nature, and thus are able to rule over those whom choose not to create their own self-mastery.

Our thoughts are our Most High God. We each create our own lives with our thoughts. It is ignorance of this truth that keeps most humans enslaved to ideas of an external God and judge who defines right and wrong, good and evil for all men. It is actually my extensive study and understanding of the Bible that brought me to the point of being an atheist.

I AM an atheist in the purest sense of the word though. I AM fully aware that there is a Creative Source. However, I AM also aware that this Creative Source is not a sentient being. Actually, and well studied clergyman is also well aware of these truths. This is why seminary training is greatly frowned upon in much of, especially evangelical, Christianity.

Every individual who has fully matriculated through a real seminary has become one of two things. They are now either a former Christian, or they are a Christian oppressor, using occult (hidden) knowledge to manipulate the lives of the people they are leading. The objective of the entire idea of a personified Creator God is to instill the fear of judgment on all humanity, though the Bible itself declares that perfect love casts out all fear.

God, in its modern context, was invented to keep the people in conformity to a set of rules established for them by people who stand to profit from keeping the rest of the people ignorant of their own divinity. Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave, thus the only way for one man to maintain lordship over another is to replace his knowledge of self with belief in something he has never seen.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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