You Did It to Yourself

All triggers are subjective. I AM not reacting to what someone else did. I AM reacting to my own ego. What I perceive to be a trigger is really a symptom of a disease in me; not in the other person. As long as my focus is on what someone else did to “cause” my behavior, I will never experience healing. Deflection is easier for me though, because I don’t have to take accountability for my life. That, however, is no different from religion in that all power is perceived to be exclusive of the self.

Our salvation comes by way of us returning to singleness of vision. It is this false perception of duality, purveyed in the general consensus of society, that continues to emblazon the ego. The choice to view the world as allopathic, rather than homeopathic, places the burden of healing on external forces, and this is the root of idolatry.

Even in the shift towards contemporary consciousness, the focus is still primarily idolatrous. Everyone is in search of a messiah- a savior apart from themselves to come down from the sky and rescue them from the pain they have perceived as being the work of some satan, or adversary, they have failed to recognize is none other than the self. So, instead of waiting on Jesus, the “woke” are waiting on the ancestors, the spirit guides, and the ascended masters, as if these are any less creations of the subjective imagination than the Gods of the TaNaKh, Bible, and Quran.

All true healing is self-healing. The whole of man is a homeostatic organism. The Universe is one, and we are each The Universe studying the experience of itself. The task is to save the self, not the world. It is the quest to save the world, or be saved from the world, that keeps us from the fullness of self-realization. Even in the highest of the four worlds that make up the tree of life, Atzilut, there is nothing but the emanation of the I AM that I AM. At this point of conception, there is no longer anything but love. All judgment ceases, and the fullness of being is accomplished.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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