The Earth is Unsettled

I have been explaining to people for some time that Biblical “prophecy” isn’t a message from a God in heaven, but a message from the Goddess Gaia. The navi’im (prophets/spokespersons) of old were men and women who maintained an intimate connection to Mother Earth, and used their knowledge of science and nature, and the power of their oneness with Tiamat to see beforehand what She would do to preserve the lives of the “righteous”, or the ones who were one with self.

The flood of Gilgamesh/Noah- Earth purging herself. The followers of Korah being swallowed up by a sinkhole- Earth purging herself. The children of Israel eating meat as a sacrifice for sin (which ensured, not prevented, their death for their “sins”)- Earth purging herself. The land dying off and spewing the people out- Earth purging herself. Earthquakes- Earth purging herself. Hurricanes- Earth purging herself. Tsunamis- Earth purging herself. Volcanoes- Earth purging herself.

Oftentimes, She has entrusted us, the navi’im (see witches, shamans, brujas, magi) with her power to bend the elements ourselves, as we embody the avatar energy. This is also why a lot of the natural disasters come to areas with a high concentration of perverse magic. People are learning the craft at an exponential rate, but most are doing so out of ego, and not from the place of perfect love. Karma is just Gaia restoring balance. Those who sow death shall reap death. Those who sow judgment shall reap judgment. All of Her cleansing has been to liberate her obedient children. Elijah, as a fire bender, was entrusted to purge the Earth of the prophets of Ba’al (which means master), because they were pushing the slave agenda on the people. It was not that Ba’al was a devil, and יהוה was God. It was that Ba’al was external- an idol, and יהוה is wholly within man.

These folks want powers as a form of validation. They want them to be able to show them off to everyone, and are just adherents of the religion witchcraft. Real Earth magick cannot be taught because it is holiness personified, and holiness is purely subjective. What is perceived as witchcraft, true witchcraft, is all about healing, and healing of the world is only an emanation of healing of the self/soul. If Tikkun Nephesh (restoration of the self) is not at the heart of it, tohu bohu (chaos and destruction) is. Tikkun Olam (restoration of The Universe) is just the byproduct of Tikkun Nephesh. These people are not concerned with working on themselves, only with working for others, and because of that, they are manifesting destruction instead of reconstruction.

Know that no historical prophet ever experienced initiation as part of a school or coven. Each has ascended in solitude. All, from Ya’aqob (Jacob) to Yeshua (Jesus) to Mohammed met God all alone. They each also met their adversary all alone. It is in the war with self that righteousness and oneness with the divine is achieved, but the mortals are consumed with being part of something when the biggest task in life is coming to the understanding that I AM the whole.

Those who, to this day, serve Ba’al, or espouse systems of slavery through religion, human governments, and other institutions of fear, war, and judgment wish to control others, and possess Earth. They will tell you there are limited resources, and then attempt to convince you they have some power or right to determine who should and shouldn’t have access to our Mother and Her supply for us. However, She is alive and well, and before she will allow herself to die, and her faithful children to be wholly consumed, she will destroy everyone again, and start over with a chosen few.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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