The _____ Of Your Dreams

And all the time, this entire life has been, is, and always will be entirely The God/Universe I AM experiencing Itself fully to research, understand, and master self. Yes, I do encounter devils (adversaries) in human form. I had to learn how to cast out the intolerable demons I AM.

Demon possession is really nothing but unhealthy attachment to your reflections that wish to bind you instead of heal you. Judgment binds, while love heals. That’s why, many times, it is the reflections closest to us that we most need to drive out.

Those reflections are usually the mindsets of family, culture, and religion. Our familiarity (see “familiar spirits”) keeps us from even realizing we are possessed. Yet, we have lost control of ourselves by holding onto those “demons” because they look so much like us. We start to believe our “demon” possession is what love actually looks like, and because even after we have cast out our family, religious, and cultural ties, we have failed to fill our “homes” with self-love and self-acceptance, seven worse “demons” move in.

So many speak of losing their families, religions, and old cultural mindsets in their “awakening”, but because they haven’t replaced those with self-identity, they just end up trying to fit into new “families”, religions, and cultural beliefs. So, now they are actually more demon-possessed than they were before, and it causes them to just hate the old “demons” they did leave behind.

It is not until we accept full accountability for all that we have created, and realize it was all us all along that we are able to manifest Tikkun Nephesh (healing/restoration/correction of the self). When we refuse to be holy (whole; all one alone; entirely one with self) we just keep practicing denial and escapism by collecting demons in the forms of twin flames, soul mates, nationalities, races, and other external affirmations. You are your only true twin flame, so stop being consumed with finding that in someone else. Just like you can only find God in yourself, you will discover you can only find your twin flame, soulmate, angels, and demons within yourself. THEN you can manifest a twin flame in the Earth, instead of trying to find or attract one.

If you learn how to actually read Torah, that is what took place in Bereshit (Genesis) chapter 2. The One found itself; its masculine and feminine self, and then from its own side (the actually meaning of זלה/tsela; erroneously translated “rib”) a strength opposite itself was formed/manifested. But it wasn’t until it was first realized that the adam was all one (alone), and realized nothing outside of itself was a vibrational match.

In the movie “Dreamgirls”, Jamie Fox and Beyoncé sing a song “When I First Saw You”. In the song, they proclaim “That’s my dream.” Our dreams, even our nightmares, are heaven, and this physical “reality” is earth. Our dreams are ALL a part of us; even the terrifying dreams. When we experience those dreams in this life, we are experiencing ourselves in earth.

Whether your angels, your demons, or your ideal mate, we are simply experiencing emanations of self. For this reason, people are not meant to be possessed, but experienced, and our demon possessions are just when the people we perceive are mastering us instead of us enjoying our experience of ourselves in the form of their being.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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