Law of Manifestation

Let me go ahead and say it: Law of Attraction is bunk. It is just another propaganda of egoism, capitalizing off the lower nature’s lack of self-validation.

The biggest threat to significance is so insidious, sneaking up on us innocuously from birth. All of our education is tuned to the frequency of idolatry. We are conditioned from the moment we first meet other people to seek satisfaction outside of ourselves.

The very first things we are taught are all focused on the loss of individuality. Everything is about trying to figure out how we fit into was is. We are expected to toe the line of the status quo. Those who shake things up are generally not accepted, and if one is successful at changing his or her personal narrative, others then begin to idolize them.

Unfortunately, most adherents to the religion (that’s what laws actually boil down to) of attraction love to throw the word manifestation around. The problem, though, is that attraction is a pursuit of something that I do not have, while manifestation is just revealing that I AM.

If I may borrow a page from Sananda’s playbook, which I have actually found to be in my own playbook, my first (and only) responsibility is to seek the kingdom of God, which is within me, and all the things I require will be added to me.

Borrowing again from The Master Jesus, my petition is for the kingdom to come, and the will of my father to be done in earth as it is in heaven. The first realization I have to come to, though, is that heaven is wholly within me. Earth, then, is just all those things I perceive outwardly. So, if my seeking is focused on myself, I find God within me, and I discover all that I AM.

We have now been hypnotically duped into believing that our significance is tied in some way to the Earth we experience. So, we expend the better part of our time and energy trying to find our happiness, and only because we don’t realize happiness is wholly within us. We are not magnets as we have been led to believe. We are creators. Except in our ignorance of ourselves, we seek to pseudo-create through this idea that we are going to attract what it is we imagine.

As a result of our outward quests, we have diminished our inherent power. Everyone these days is clinging to labels that others have pushed on them. There are lists and videos being created by the day claiming to reveal “the definitive signs you are one of the light workers”, “the ways you know you are going to be rich soon”, “how to recognize if you are in a twin flame relationship”, “the clear traits of the 144,000″… and ALL OF IT is hogwash.

Your answers are within you completely, but all these teachings have us so focused on becoming vibrational matches to what we desire that we end up losing the only thing we actually need: our own souls. Our lives are not at all about doing, or even becoming. Our lives are all about being. Evolution is the most natural activity in The Universe, yet we have halted in by our refusal to just be. We are too attached… to labels, to titles, to stagnation, to comfort, and as a result we have died inside. Out of our bellies are supposed to be flowing rivers of living water, but because we refuse to let things just flow, the waters, and everything within them have died.

If you are fully attentive to your soul, you don’t have to try to figure out where you are supposed to be, who your “tribe” is, or who your twin flame is. I AM that I AM, and when I love who I AM with all my heart, soul, and strength- when I delight myself in It which causes to exist (my soul), my soul will give me all the desires of my heart. Yes, EVERYTHING I have for me will manifest naturally, in real time.

It is the attention we give to the things that actually delays our emanation of such. It is like labor and delivery. Everything you have been hoping for is a part of you. You are pregnant with it, and you just need to focus on your breathing, and push. I mean, adoption is beautiful, but you were made to give birth. *see it in the spirit.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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