The First Book of Sahaquiel- The Gospel of the 3 Lion’s Gate

Most people have no idea what true freedom is, therefore every time an abolitionist comes into those people’s lives, they will attempt to “escape” eventually. Understand that real liberty creates order, not chaos.

The ego, in its longing for reconnection, still is bound by itself. It will have you thinking you are satisfying your soul, while what is really happening is you are creating more karma for yourself.

The soul knows only love, and love for self NEVER manifests as a disregard for the heart of another. One of the lessons of this particular Lion’s Gate Portal is to recognize we often mistake a change in meditation for healing.

Fun is the objective of the ego, while joy is the goal of the soul. Fun is based in temporal happiness. It’s the idea of “I want what I want, and I don’t care who doesn’t like it.” Joy, on the other hand, knows that “I AM not complete apart from The All because The All is I AM.”

The lower self, the ego, especially here in the early moments of the age of Aquarius, is deceived into the idea that “I AM not responsible for anyone else.” This is because the ego refuses to accept itself as creator. The lower self says “I AM God(dess), so I can do whatever the fuck I want to do.”

The Most High self, on the contrary, fully embodies Its accountability for all It has created. The soul is empathetic because the soul knows that everything the ego perceives is itself. The soul has no need to escape to freedom for the soul understands it is already free.

This is where the veil between emancipation and manumission is most evident. The ego wants to be emancipated. It feels as if someone else has enslaved them. As Kanye stated (but most of you are mad), slavery is a choice. Manumission is being free within, no matter where I AM. From this reality, I then manifest true freedom from within.

Love is healing. It is acceptance in full gratitude for the world as it is. Fear pushes us to substance abuse because we refuse to embrace what is as we do the work of healing. Healing is painful- to the ego, and because of this, we often get closer to our actual healing, and we run back to “the doctor” to get more medication.

What’s funny is the ego sees doctors as healers, when the doctors are really only treating the ego. So, while healers are trying to give us eternity by restoring the soul and ego to oneness, doctors are only attempting to prolong our ego’s existence. What brings our healing, though, is staying the course until the soul and ego no longer exist in duality.

You now have the knowledge of why the race is a marathon, and is only given to those who endure to the end. If you keep getting off course to run series of sprints, you will find yourself completely back at the starting line all over again. Neighborhood Nip was right- the marathon does continue. The thing is, though, whether to run it or not is fully up to you.

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