The Loyalty of the Soul; The Disloyalties of the Ego

There is nothing more loyal than your soul. Your soul is your highest self. Your soul is like a dog. No matter what you do, your soul will never forsake you. Your soul protects you and only seeks your highest good. Imagine a family dog with a child. When that dog sees the baby headed for danger, it will try to create boundaries that ensure the safety of that baby. Even in response to its masters, the dog will bring those things it knows the master likes as gifts. Need the newspaper? Send the dog. Want your house slippers? Send the dog.

Now the ego, it is like a cat. You can give a cat everything it could ever want, and the cat will still turn on you at some point. The cat will do everything in its power to get your attention, but once you give it your affection, and move to pet it, the cat is likely to lash out at you, or even walk away. Then, when the cat wants to give you something, it doesn’t give you what it knows you like. Instead, it gives you something that only it really would desire, and in reality, is not even beneficial to itself.

The soul is completely divine. It is the God-self. You are entirely omniscient within your soul, and from here, you always know exactly what is needed in the moment, and that is why the soul seeks to simply emanate from itself. The soul IS The Creator. It IS “God”, and it is constantly compelling the ego to come home, even when the ego has been abusive to it. The soul NEVER forsakes. It is with you always, even to the ends of the world.

The ego is completely carnal. It is the human self. The ego is what religion calls the flesh nature. All the ego is actually concerned about is now. But not now in the context of time. It is only concerned with what satisfies itself at any moment, with no consideration for how those particular actions affect its union with the soul. The ego will take advantage of the soul just to get what it wants, and turn right around and run off again just to gain some temporal pleasure.

The soul, in knowing the ultimate objective of restoration of oneness, continues to unconditionally love the ego, and endlessly woos it, realizing that the soul will continue to play its games until it comes to the understanding that what it actually longs for is within the soul. Then, and only then will the ego repent to the God-self, and the two co-exist in complete harmony, like a puppy and kitten raised together from birth. They are one, and there is complete balance in all things. That is the experience of Jesus- being fully God and fully man; oneness with The Father. Christ consciousness is walking in that oneness continually. At some point, all of us are going to experience this fullness of joy, and the ego will stop coming for temporary happiness in pseudo-heaven, and receive eternal life of heaven on earth.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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