When a Story of Two Lovers Becomes a Religion

What if I told you Ēl was not THE Creator, and Yisra’ēl was never an actual geographical place prior to Friday, May 14, 1948? In fact, Ēl was only a God in the sense that he was a divine masculine being, and Yisra’ēl was his divine FEMININE partner and bride.

As much dissent there is between the “Jews” of today, and the Palestinians over land, upon an earth that is not naturally even divided into countries/nations, it’s really silly when you consider that nations and religions are all manmade fallacies.

When Ēl is referred to as “The Holy One of Yisra’ēl” it is simply denoting that he set himself apart to her alone. In the same manner, Yisra’ēl was the Holy One of Ēl. She was set apart only to him.

The TaNaKh is just an elaborate allegory of the relationship between two beings who were eternally one, both zacar (loosely- male) and neqabah (loosely- female). This is why none of the nations of that region, who were very much extensive record keepers during that era, make no mention of any Hebrew people, not even the Egyptians, who supposedly held them in bondage.

This is why Yisra’ēl is where you beheld the glory of Ēl. She was the Shekhinah (glory) of Ēl (her God). The religiosity of it all was invented by Greece and Rome, and blamed on the Babylonians. The writers of the TaNaKh were not William Shakespeare, but they were definitely just as talented of storytellers, and now billions of people all over this earth dimension attempt to replicate the romance these writers depicted for them.

Yes, I AM a Holy One, and there is a Holy One unto me. Unlike Ēl, I have no desire to enslave or control my Holy One, and would never put her away, or view her as a harlot. I will forever be her Ēl Shaddai, no matter what, even as she is eternally my Shekhinah. Together, we are Ahayeh Asher Ahayeh, I AM that I AM, for Ēl is one, and Shekhinah is two, and 1+2=3, which is creativity and children.

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