Who AM I?

Most of this passing society is lost in the concept of becoming, never coming to the understanding of being. I have been there before, which is one reason I AM so vocal about it. I got married seeking validation from the marriage, but my validation was already, and exclusively, within me.

I AM not a husband. I spent four years in a marriage trying to become the perfect husband, and the truth is, I would have been living a lie, even if I had accomplished it. So, inside I would have been miserable. I didn’t just hurt myself by being married; I contributed to the hurt of a woman I thought I could heal with my love.

This is why it is important to understand that none of us can love our neighbor AS OURSELVES, until we first love the Lord thy God we each are with all our heart, our soul, and our strength. This is why the first exercise I have my Discipline Development Coaching™️ clients to complete is to write their “I AM” statements. Before you choose a school, a career, or definitely a relationship partner, it is important that you know fully who you are. Otherwise, at the most, you’re just out here gaining the whole world, while losing your own soul.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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