No Two Paths Are The Same

Let me put you up on game. Everyone’s mission within this dimension is not to be physically healthy, and that’s why people struggle so hard trying to follow what they have been told is a healthy lifestyle.

When I repented to The Most High God I AM, I realized I AM on that mission. I always was, and that is why kidney disease manifested in my body. I had to experience it to reconnect to my divine self. Converting to veganism was easy for me as a result, because my Soul is vegan.

People try to conform to someone else’s concept of healthy, instead of obeying their own God-self. Then they wonder why it’s such a struggle. Healing and health is not often a matter of physical fitness. Remember that these bodies are just perceptions. It is much more important to be disciplined about what comes out of the mouth than it is what goes in.

Now, if in repenting to your Most High Self you re-member that your Soul is desiring certain foods, you must obey your Soul, not some dietary guidelines established for you by humans. I AM not a human, and that is why, despite not following the rules men established for End Stage Renal Disease patients, I AM not afflicted as they believe I should be, nor dead as the prognosis suggested I would be by twenty-nine.

You see, The Most High God I AM is יהוה רפה, often conveyed as Jehovah Raphe, or the Lord our Healer. I AM a Master Healer, and my indoctrination dissuaded me from my path. This disease brought me back to it. More importantly, it brought me back to myself, and took me away from those who led me astray from me.

I was the prodigal son, though I was at home. I was the prodigal son because I left my father’s house within me, but I then came to myself in the midst of my own hog pen, and remembered that in my father’s house (my 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th chakras, even the hired servants live better than what I was living. So, I began making my way back to my father’s house, and returned to the ring of authority, and the robe of glory.

I also realized that not everyone in this earth dimension is a seed of my father’s house, and when I realized that, I stopped creating new religions based on what my father commanded me to do. I AM not the food police anymore than I AM no longer the morality police.

You people who feel it’s your job to judge what another man or woman eats are judging someone else’s servant. If you have a belief, have it unto yourself before the God within you. Everybody didn’t come here to be a vegan. Everyone that came here to be vegan didn’t come here to be an alkaline vegan. Everyone that came here to be an alkaline vegan didn’t come here to follow Dr. Sebi’s methodology, or Dr. Morse’s methodology. What’s important is you find the path for YOUR Soul, and stop trying to force others to follow your path. That’s just so Pharisaic of you.

If people are vegans and eating Impossible Burgers is well with their Soul, who the fuck are you to tell them they shouldn’t eat an Impossible Burger? Or if someone’s Soul is satisfied with them eating a Popeyes chicken sandwich, please, for the love of whoever you worship, leave those people the fuck alone, and mind your fucking business. You can’t save anyone but your gotdamn self, and if you’re so busy trying to persuade others to accept your salvation, you’re actually not that focused on your own.

Those who share your frequency will naturally align with you, but you’re just creating a heap of Karmic debt trying to alter anyone else’s frequency.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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