Self-Love and the Freedom of Personal Identity

In this culture, most attempt to view gender and sex interchangeably, while they are not synonymous. Your gender is determined by others at your inception, without your consent. Your sex, however, is something you must determine yourself. This society has a tendency to make too many things matters of sex and sexuality that are not at all. If a male (gender) is exclusively attracted to females, he is a heteroSEXual. His mannerisms and his likes and dislikes have no bearing on his sex or sexuality.

Humans judge on the outward appearance, but Gods and Goddesses judge the heart. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by the judgment of humans. Their judgment is fear-based. Gods and Goddesses, however, judge with love. I judge you based on your integrity. I ask myself, as a God, if your self-perception and your behavior are in harmony.

If you are free in the acknowledgement of your truth, then I judge you as one who vibrates on the frequency of love. I make choices that appeal to my Most High Self. If I find something to be beautiful, I choose it, without regard for what another being thinks about it. We must all reach a level of manumission where we no longer view non-sexual things as gender exclusive.

If you see a piece of jewelry that appeals to you, be free enough to wear it without fear and judgment. I realized years ago that I love pink. I look great in pink. It makes me happy. Because I know myself, and perfectly love myself, I don’t fear the perceptions of others. I wear whatever the fuck I want to wear because it has nothing at all to do with my gender, sex, or sexuality. I AM in full confidence of myself, so I have no need to alter my communication or preferences to satisfy the ignorance of society.

I AM Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in balance. I AM the essence of MA’AT. I protect, provide, know, and instruct out of my Divine Masculinity. My Divine Femininity is responsible for how I nurture, comfort, and perceive beauty. I AM both a scientist and an artist, thus I AM fineness personified.

I give no fucks whatsoever about how anyone feels about what I choose to wear, how I express my love for all others, or why I celebrate and encourage others in the manners in which I do. I walk in the integrity of the Soul, and this is how the world needs to evolve to individually love yourselves. You need to learn how to be happy, take no shit, and do no harm. This is the the Kingdom of God. This is the height of liberty, and self-love.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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