Why I AM Not Celebrating Kwanzaa

My ultimate mission as a sentient being is Tikkun Olam, which is the correction, restoration, and healing of The All. I recognize, however, that true Tikkun Olam is actually just Tikkun Nephesh of the collective. Tikkun Nephesh is the correction, restoration, and healing of the Soul: the self. It is imperative that all recognize there is NO healthy community as long as a single individual in the community is unhealthy. True health is not just wellness of the body, but it is salvation of the Soul, and salvation is ALWAYS an individual experience. It is the embodiment of perfect love FOR SELF, and as long as an individual is trying to fit into anything, he or she is unable to stand in his or her own divinity. There is no family, culture, religion, or community in which self-love can be realized, and the truth of the matter is real community is only achieved when everyone is free to be as he or she is, and still receive love without fear of judgment or condemnation. You don’t build community by focusing on community. You build community by each member focusing on self. It is not selfishness, but it is self-assurance.

Something I realized this year about Kwanzaa is that it actually teaches you to put yourself last. The very first principle is about community, and it was always taught that you put the needs of the community before your own needs. Maybe that’s why. Kwanzaa is nothing more than a commercialized celebration of America’s perception of African culture. The people of the African continent have no awareness of Kwanzaa. It is not an African celebration. Kwanzaa originated in California. A man seeking to define the collective experience of a segment of the whole created it to bring a group of people together apart from all other groups of people. NEWSFLASH: That’s the same program that has been running in the matrix for several millennia that is responsible for the earth dimension being in the fucked up state its in. Cultures and religions have been forced upon individuals from birth, and thus individuals have lost their sovereign significance in order to be judged as acceptable by groups. You continue to encourage hypocrisy and falsehood because you place your emphasis on group identity, to the detriment of personal identity. No one knows who the fuck they are nowadays because everything is compartmentalized. Everything is labeled and segmented, and people value the color of their skin above the content of their own Souls. This shit has got to stop. Or… We can continue doing the same things we’ve been doing, expecting different results. Just know, however, that this is what has turned the earth dimension into an insane assylum.

No one seems to dress how they want to dress these days. There are divine feminine beings that wear headwraps only because the religion they have been bamboozled into believing gives them some special significance due to the color of their skin tells them they have to cover their heads. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. If you are going to cover your head, let it be exclusively because it appeals to your personal preference. If you’re doing that shit because someone told you it’s right, you actually hate yourself, and you don’t even realize it. In 2020 my focus is on laying the foundations for heaven on earth. I recognize that this requires first reconnecting each individual to the kingdom within them. This is the true emphasis of the statement “Thy Kingdom come”. Your true will exists in the heaven within you. The goal is to emanate that in the earth around you, and that just cannot occur losing your Soul trying to gain the world, whether that is in the form of a community, a culture, or a religion.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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