Is It Faith or Foolishness?

How many of you have ever been admonished to believe patterns not potential or promises? Do you know that it is frequency and synchronicity, which are patterns, that lead to mastery? The religious concept of faith has had you waiting on some other lord to come save you for about two thousand years or more. That’s not faith at all. That’s foolishness. The pattern has been that this lord they proclaim, which IS NOT Jesus the Christ, has not shown up as they claim.

Real faith is believing in the evidence of your own example. Yes, there is an Ascended Master Jesus. He did not die for your sins. He lives only as a prototype of what your own self-mastery should look like. He initiated twelve into the science of personal lordship, yet you refuse to be discipled. You would rather wait, as one insane, for something you have not seen so much as evidence of.

It is one thing to believe in the potential for greater or more. This is when there is actual experiential evidence of something. You know, like when a child promises its parents that grades will improve, and you see that child actually studying more, or even seeking for study help? Or when someone says they love you and want to take care of you, and whenever they are able to they actually behave in a manner consistent with their desires? It is something entirely different, though, when someone keeps saying they are coming, or someone else tells you that someone is coming, but not only have they not appeared, but you have yet to experience anything that suggests they ever will. That’s purely foolish.

Be honest with yourself, and learn to have faith in the people who showed up when you needed them. Jesus never fed you when you were hungry. Your friends did. Have faith in your friends whom you have seen and experienced caring for you. Don’t be foolish, waiting on someone who you have never seen. Jesus and the other Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Orishas, and the Ancestors work on the heaven within you. You can’t have real faith in them changing your outward earthly circumstances. You can have faith in them guiding you to the knowledge for you to manifest your solution, but you have to do the work for your will to be done in earth as it is in heaven.

Faith (as within) is not just dead without works (so without). It’s actually pure foolishness. No one is coming to save, heal, or deliver you. You have to do that by following the patterns you have learned lead to salvation, health, and deliverance. Be patient with those who have shown you they love you. Those who have done nothing but talk about their love for you, it is foolish to wait for. The law of reciprocity is fully effective. Where you have experienced kinetic energy, give energy to. If all there has ever been is promises, find work elsewhere.

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