Why Feminism Failed to Correct Misogyny

Within numerology, the first four numbers are all about the establishment of the self and the family unit. See 1-4 as a household. 1 is the number of the father. 2 is the number of the mother. 3 is the number of the child. 4 is the number of the home.

1 and 4 are indicative of masculine energy. While most view 1 as creation, it is actually the energy of imagination. Creation cannot actually occur with only one. The masculine represents the heavenly new beginning, but it is actually the feminine which signifies the earthly manifestation.

2 and 3 are both feminine energy. They are the maternal vessel, and the harvested blessing. They are the centerpiece, the actual glory of all creation. This is even why many cultures deemed it disgraceful for the woman to cut her hair. Her hair was a symbol of her beauty and majesty. The Divine Feminine and the Divine Child are the manifested glory of the Divine Father. While he is power, power is not visible except it is revealed in the glory.

The word husband actually portrays the mystery of this truth. It is not intentionally a marital term. It actually means “house band”, and represents the Divine Masculine role as covering and protector. It is, however, the Divine Feminine who is within the house making magick and melody out of disharmony.

So 2019 has seen the repentance of the Divine Feminine to herself. She has been creating life in the midst of pain and chaos. As she has endured labor, she is healing bloodlines by giving birth to new heirs, who will not carry on generational curses. She has ascended above feminism to her righteous seat as Goddess and Queen. It is she who has prepared the place for the Divine Masculine to find his rest, and enjoy his perpetual Sabbath in 2020, the year of divine alignment, sure foundations, and stable building. 2020 is the year of the double portion of harmony. Are you ready?

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