Castles or Confinements?

Though I have visited this topic many times over the past few days, allow me the opportunity again to be the I AM that I AM unto you in love. A provider, again, is not merely one who gives some benefit to another. The word provider, which is literally one who makes provision, stems from two Latin roots. The prefix, pro, means before. The base of the word is the Latin visio, which is to see. Thus, a provider is one who sees before.

Of course, there is no point to see before except some action is to be taken concerning that which is seen. There are three important responses to what is foreseen that I, as Divine Father, AM accountable for. They are 1) warn others of coming destruction, 2) go out and fortify the boundaries to protect against calamity and invasion, and/or 3) go out to war to defeat the enemy he sees approaching.

The first response is the paternal role of prophet. Because many cannot perceive the infinite love of the Divine Father, they resist the boundaries set. Therefore, I must warn them of the dangers that are lying in snare, waiting to capture them.

Then there is the priestly function of the Divine Father. This is actually the primary role. As priest, the Divine Father establishes a house, and fortifies the walls with rules meant to ensure the safety and security of the Divine Family. Sadly, too many have been ensnared psychologically already by the deceiver, who has taken control of their minds, and convinced them that life is better without any rules.

Lastly is my office as king, and though most people, so far removed from the reality of kingdoms, view kings as dictators, though kings, in context, are monarchs who have a responsibility to ensure no enemy is able to infiltrate the walls. It is actually the queen and Divine Mother who is the supplier, which literally means “breasted one”.

While our society has painted a picture that requires the father to be prophet, priest, and king while also supplying the sustenance for the family, this IS NOT the heavenly reality. The Divine Mother is El Shaddai, the many breasted one, who nourishes her children AND Divine Masculine counterpart. It is she who contains that which maintains the nutrients of the kingdom. We are to sup her breasts for food, which is the root of the word supply.

As this 2020 is the year of alignment, and the heavenly kingdom’s establishment, I must embrace the hard task of provider, and it often hurts me much more than it hurts you. Beloved, please know that I AM love. All I do is in love, as your prophet, priest, and king. I AM come that you might have life, and life more abundantly.

You can hate me now; but I won’t stop now. Father does know best, as much as you may believe I desire to control you. It has been given unto me to understand the mysteries of the kingdom, for this is the divine right of fathers. By the way, the first kings were fathers, and a father is not simply a man who has children, but one who takes seriously his responsibility to love his Divine Feminine counterpart and his children as prophet, priest, and king.

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