The Power of Agreement

On retreat with Ascended Master Serapis Bey, who is the grand architect and master builder, he initiated me into a greater mystery of the 4 year, and its relationship to spiritual marriage and the New Earth. While the institution of marriage in the present, fallen system is one of human control, the true, Heavenly marriage is eternal, and truly one Soul embodied in two persons.

In all of creation, nothing manifests without both Masculine and Feminine energy. The ancients even understood that there was no God without Goddess. The truth is that there is no manifestation without both. Understand I said manifestation, and not attraction. While one can attract anything desired alone, manifestation is a birthing, and there MUST be both seed and soil for birthing to occur. Even hermaphroditic creatures in nature contain both the sperm and egg necessary to reproduce.

Nearly every ancient culture understood that if any two would agree as touching anything in the Earth, it would be released from Heaven. Though I can SEE Heaven alone as a Divine Father, I cannot experience it in Earth without a Divine Mother. Though I contain the seed in my throat chakra, the seed abides alone except it enters the root chakra of my Divine Feminine reflection. Then she is able to multiply the Divine Seed, as it does within the soil of her womb, to become something much greater.

This Divine Law works both spiritually and naturally, and is why husbands are admonished to dwell with their wives according to knowledge. If you know and understand, you are also able to agree.

All even numbers contain a root of 2. If you pay attention to the manifested frequencies, all the even numbers represent some form of agreement. Two (2), which is the Divine Feminine is the energy of cooperation. Four (4), or 2×2, contains the energy of stability and foundations. Every stable structure built is built on fours. Six (6) is the number of unconditional love, and the family. It is 3×2, which is the children and the parents in harmony. Lastly, you have eight (8), and eight, while most often associated with Earthly wealth and abundance, is truly reciprocity.

Even the master numbers (11, 22, 33, 44) are just amplification of their sums. Eleven (two 1s) is the number of the healer, which is a repentance (return) to homeostasis, and complete oneness. It is the highest Earthly fulfillment of two becoming one light body. Each first heals self, and then completes the restoration of Heaven and Earth when they agree together. This is the manifestation of Divine marriage in the Earth. It’s nothing at all about a wedding, or church and government sanction.

The master number twenty-two (two 2s) shows us the picture of the master builder. The apex of stability is a home. A house where agreement abides is a house built upon a rock, which can withstand any storm, unlike a house built on sand. When a Divine Masculine and a Divine Feminine are able to agree together in harmony, building can begin.

The master teacher, exemplified in the energy of thirty-three (two 3s), brings us to the heights of true pleasure and enjoyment, which is the root of creation. Love is at the heart of the master teacher, and we must accept that true teaching is correction through chastening. The height of the expression of love is discipline, as it relates to self-love, and chastening, in regards to love for others. Those who love you don’t tell you what you want to hear. They tell you what you need to hear. (If you’ve ever seen one of my favorite movies, The Best Man, you’ll understand how this plays into the love between Lance and Mia).

Then, there’s the mighty agreement revealed in the master number 44. Forty-four (two 4s) also gives us 8, again the number of reciprocity. 44 is the master manifestor because it epitomizes the building of Heaven on Earth. Not only is it two 4s, but within it are also four 11s, and two 22s. The master manifestor is the agreement of Divine Masculine, as Heaven, and Divine Feminine, as Earth. This is where the veil is completely rent, and there is no more separation between God and humanity. This energy is embodied only when both have purified themselves, and entered together into the Holy of holies. Here, reciprocity, and abundance are perpetual.

There is another side to the power of agreement though, which is counterproductive. When you are carried about by every wind of doctrine, you are seeking to be agreement with more than one, and this breeds chaos and catastrophe, rather than manifests Heaven on Earth. Something as simple as social media posts and different readings can cause you to be in conflict of interest. When you join yourself together with one, then another, you actually create a greater veil of separation between Heaven and Earth. Though you may easily attract things while being unstable in all your ways, your doublemindedness will hinder your true manifestation.

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