When a Man (Divine Masculine) Loves a Woman (Divine Feminine)


While I know there is a growing, righteous disdain for religion, too many have missed out on many precious truths because their hate for the church has blinded them to the mysteries contained within Biblical text. Of those records called the Gospels, John is actually the only one I give credence to, because while Matthew, Mark, and Luke are third and fourth hand accounts written nearly 100 years after the life of the Ascended Master, John was an actual initiate of the Christed One, whom was well beloved by the Master.

One of my most beloved occurrences in the life of Jesus is recorded in John 13. It is the account of the Master washing his disciples feet. There are several important points for me in what John writes, especially since he is the only of the Gospel writers who actually was initiated by Jesus, and actually even alive at the same time.

I want to share with you the beautiful picture of love between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. As most know, the church is often referred to as the bride of Christ. Though there are many Christs, Jesus is the one referred to in this instance. The disciples of Jesus are representative of his called out ones, thus his bride.

A man who truly loves a woman, is going to walk in the spiritual application of this event towards the woman he loves. As Divine Masculine beings, we are to serve our Divine Feminine reflections in love. It’s beautiful that a God can be fully transparent before the Goddess he truly loves. It’s much deeper than taking our clothes off, but is more about openly bearing your Soul and your I AM presence before her. So many women have developed trust issues from their youth, and I AM committed, as a Divine Masculine and Divine Father, to giving her every reason to put her trust in me.

The artistry of the foot washing cannot fully be realized without understanding the cultural backdrop for this act. It is important to know that foot washing was a task reserved for the lowest of servants in a household. Mainly this is because the feet did not just include the lowest extremities, but the entire lower body. Because most people of the day traveled by walking, in the journey to one’s destination, the feet and legs (symbolizing the root chakra) tended to be very dirty. Thus, upon arrival, the master or mistress of the house would have the lowest servant to wash the feet of the guests.

This is a representation of a spiritual washing. It is cleansing away all the trauma and cycles of pain endured just to reach that point. This is a deep ritual of purification that the Divine Masculine, as the crown, third eye, and throat chakras, performs for the Divine Feminine, symbolizing the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. It is, in perspective, Heaven washing Earth.

I challenge each Divine Masculine to humble himself, and wash the feet of his Divine Feminine. Do it physically, but while doing it, take your time, and meditate as you go, embodying the fullness of the Spirit, so that the two can become one flesh at the heart. This is how you love a woman: you equip her to rest in her own I AM presence, free from all the filth the world has heaped upon her. If you are not willing to do this, all other that you do for her is not revealing love to her heart, even if it makes her feel good.

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