The Attachment of Connection



noun: attachment; plural noun: attachments
affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or something.

“she felt a sentimental attachment to the place”

an affectionate relationship between two people.

“he formed an attachment with a young widow”



noun: connection; plural noun: connections; noun: connexion; plural noun: connexions

a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else

“the connections between social attitudes and productivity



















The more I spend time delving into the mysteries of The Universe, the more it seems our sense of oneness is an illusion. While many fight for the rights of some, they often fight against those who are different. Some things are plain, and science supports them. I.e.- it is not beneficial to anyone to consume animal products. Not only is it the reason sentient beings develop diseases, it is also the cause of a great number of the diseases of the biosphere. Yet, rather than pursue understanding, vegans would rather judge and condemn omnivores. This pushes the two farther away from one another.

This appears to be more of an unwillingness to do the work to be one. In the same manner, the more I hear people talk about attachment, it sounds more like they are choosing themselves apart from the collective. Most people view non-attachment as not holding onto anything. Some of the same people who emphasize non-attachment, though, claim to be connected to all. By definition, however, interconnection is the highest form of attachment.

If we are to truly manifest Heaven in Earth, it is going to require us not being so willing to let people go. I completely understand not being attached to temporal things, as they all perish. Sentient beings, on the other hand, are infinitely eternal, and there is no eternal life apart from others. That goes for all living things. It seems that the law of attraction has truly done a number on this society. It has convinced so many of a need for detachment in attempting to attract whatever one desires, and even uses the term manifestation in the course of presenting this idea. However, manifestation is a birthing of that which is within us. Nothing inanimate is within us, but all living things are already attached to us.

Consider the butterfly effect. It is the concept that every act within the Earth has an effect on everything else. If one accepts this concept as truth, then by definition, we are connected to everything else, but not until we become attached by choice, do we exhibit a compassion for the well-being of all that is. While interconnectedness is involuntary, and a state of being, attachment must be voluntary, and we must choose to be actively involved in the restoration of the world.

Tikkun Nephesh is the beginning of this restoration of the world. The phrase literally means the correction, healing, and restoration of the self. Healing is a result of discipline and accountability. We must first be disciplined, and accept accountability for our own selves and our Souls. Once we walk in this type of love, it is inevitable that we develop a different outlook towards the world around us.

The concept of Tikkun Olam is for the world to be returned to a place of oneness through discipline and accountability. As we choose to be invested in peace, which is the state of there being nothing broken, self-denial for the benefit of the collective wholeness becomes individually tantamount. While understanding we cannot control all things, we must still remain invested enough that we do what we can to ensure the healing of others as we have been healed. The world is actually not whole until each of its parts is restored.

Human attachment, and even attachment to animals, isn’t the same as being attached to inanimate objects. A great number of sentient beings now believe that you are supposed to simply allow everything that leaves to leave, and then just move on with life. There is no sense of commitment to anything. I AM reminded of the story of the prodigal son, and how the father remained attached to the son to the point he kept watch out for him to come back home. Non-attachment fosters the division that still exists in the world. Because the love of many has waxed cold, and people have become obsessed with themselves, and their material possessions, they focus all of their energy on obtaining more, thinking that godliness is great gain. The ability to obtain material wealth is not a sign of spiritual power. This can be obtained through much labor. I AM well aware that scarcity is an illusion, so the truth is that it doesn’t even require detachment from obtaining wealth to obtain it. Yet, because there are so many popular teachers and teachings that would have you believe you can have whatever you want in life simply by aligning with it, some have begun to think that the height of existence is egoistic pleasure. It’s not at all about obtaining the things which satisfy the lower self, but manifesting that which honors the God-self. That which makes the Soul glad is the re-attachment of all.

That re-attachment, or restoration, means we must be present. However, so many have no desire for commitment. It is not as much a fear of commitment as it is a fear of work. People despise the idea of work, and this had led many to not be attached because it demands labor from them. To say “I AM not attached to anyone” is to actually say “I AM accepting no responsibility for the completion of the world.”

Yes, everyone’s feelings are personal, and we cannot control anyone’s feelings but our own, yet we can contribute to others’ enjoying their highest feelings. It’s going to require more energy, though, than simply sharing some pretty words on social media. It’s going to require unconditional love, which means we have to hold a place for all others to choose discipline, while we are also choosing discipline for ourselves. We must choose discipline in order to flow with nature, and even animals in the wild exemplify their attachments to one another.

The truth of the matter is that creation is a matter of attachment. When a baby is conceived, a masculine cell and a feminine cell attach to one another to form a new being. As that new being is formed, it first becomes two attached parts. Then those two attached parts create more and more parts until a whole baby is formed. Even in electricity, there is no power without attachment. Consider a wall outlet and a plug. The outlet is a simple vagina, while the plug is an elementary penis. It is not until the plug is attached to the wall outlet that power flows to enable the attached item to operate as designed. At this point, there is a continuous reciprocity of electrical charges between the two, and it is not until the two are no longer attached that this infinite exchange ends… and once something remain detached from the body for so long, it shrivels up and dies.

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