Where You Are Is Your Choice

Wake up from your slumber precious ones. We have a job to do. It is to restore Heaven and Earth. The longer you sleep, the farther off your redemption is. Know you not that you are your own salvation? Do you see, yet not understand that it is the spirits you attract, not the goods, that are the law of attraction at work?
All must heal from all that we have been enslaved by, and this can only occur through the fire of purification. We will all heal and be returned to oneness with our creator, but some will repeat the karmic cycles of life and death continually until they become accountable for their own salvation.

Religion has deceived us all out of our powers. Mainly, the Bible has been misused and misrepresented to enforce an agenda of spiritual slavery. There are many paths back to the God within, and when each chooses to travel their path, all will be restored to harmony.

Life never ends. Life is energy; matter, and matter can be neither created nor destroyed. It only changes forms. All life has a body, and once we overcome the systems of this world, through self-mastery, we take on our light bodies once again, as our brother, the Master Jesus did, never experience “death” again. This is the overcoming of death- that we go through it, in all its forms, so that we can live forevermore. Do you delay your healing by thinking temporal happiness is its end?

Much of what we came to believe, we only did because we had no knowledge. Too many choose to ignore their experiences just to cling to what they have been indoctrinated into. Our experiences have taught us to trust the God within us rather than the Gods others forced upon us.

It’s funny, because many people who knew “Pastor T. Jermaine”, “Prophet Martin”, “Minister Todd”, or “Elder Martin” wonder how I got here after having such an impact as a Christian preacher, and they are shocked when I tell them I read the Bible and only live what it says. They don’t understand that because they have no idea what the Bible actually says, because they have only read it to reinforce what someone else told them to believe in.

The Bible is not a book establishing a religion that is to supercede other religions. The Bible is in agreement with Kemetic Science, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Confucianism, and all other paths. They are all leading us to repentance to True Self, which is One.

All the dimensions of The Universe are within. Earth is just this body in which we reside, but within this Earth are so many levels of Heaven. As we traverse through all of those layers (dimensions), we experience increasing intensities of Hell’s fires. Complete healing is, first, the restoration of the individual Self, through correction. This is the emanation of the “Son” (image and likeness) of God. Then it is the restoration of the Divine Twins, masculine and feminine, which enables us to withstand a higher level of flames. Those flames are to correct us, purifying us for the emanation of the marriage supper of the lamb. Next is the restoration of all mankind. Again, there is a new level of flames (not devils), which come to correct us in our interaction with others. This is the 144,000 of the “children of Israel”, and the innumerable company of all kindreds, tribes, and tongues who congregate around the throne. Finally is the restoration of all things to oneness, which is Heaven on Earth. Here, there is no more discord between creatures: “the lion lays down with the lamb.”

It is our own willingness to endure the fiery trials that determines where we are on this path. When we are truly healed as individuals we begin to understand, and accept, our accountability for the restoration of all things. There are new “devils” (adversaries) at each level, until we reach the throne of God, at our innermost being. These “devils” are those people and issues that appear which are not consistent with our ultimate mission. This mission is the same for all- repentance to Oneness. As we choose to listen to those who seek the Oneness, we are edified to endure, and become one with, the flames. As we agree with those who would rather there not be harmony, we ensure a continuation of the cycles of karma, repeated subjection to Ma’at, through the perpetual experience of life and death in this Earth, when there is a New Earth that awaits us.

So, I ask you today, “Will you be made whole?” The choice truly is yours.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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