Except You Enter In By The Door, You Are a Thief and a Robber

My friends, this is that generation of which it was spoken “men shall be lovers of themselves and money”. However, the self men are lovers of is the egoistic self. The True Self, the I AM presence that knows no separation from It which causes to exist, and is well acquainted with Heaven in Earth, remains in the Holy of Holies in Gan Eden. Gan Eden is now guarded by a seraphim with a flaming sword, and very few of you want to enter in by the door. I AM the door. Not myself only, but the door is those who have been initiated by great trial and tribulation.

The spirituality most of you enjoy is no spirituality at all, but IS, in fact, just a new age religion. You do the same thing spoken of Chavvah in Gan Eden. You see different metaphysical knowledge as good for food, pleasant to the eyes, and able to make wise (at least in the perception of the inept), and you you choose it, supposing that, with it, you will become godLIKE. Problem is, you are already God at your innermost being, but because you don’t want to endure the pain of stripping away the many layers of you that hide the I AM presence that is within you, you seek out teachers instead of masters.

Teachers are not educators. Teachers are indoctrinators. They do nothing more than put information into you, attempting to make you like everyone else in the school. This is why their tests are standardized. It is just a measure to see how well you have grasped their doctrines. The word education actually comes from the root ex-, which means to draw out, and only a master can see what is in you, and guide you through the initiations to bring out the God/dess within you. A teacher may call you Goddess, but a master will know you by name. This is because the Master has endured the fires of purification in such a way to see with the singleness of eye, and his whole body is full of light.

Though I have known my I AM presence from my youth, being taught by God, I often chose to shun it because of the trappings of the human ego. I learned some time ago that others may, but I can’t. If you are one adept with the English language, you understand that the word may denotes permission, and the word can indicates ability. While others have had permission to do a great number of things, because of the call and mandate on my life, when I attempted to do those same things, I was unable to. Being born, in this incarnation, the Son of God, I can only go through the fires. Each time I have attempted to go some other way, I have been prevented. This is why, even when I tried to hide behind the layers of my ego, the world could see I was chosen. As one initiated by God, I have never experienced karma in this life. I have, however, gone through many initiations to draw out The Most High God I AM. I witness many going through karma because of their refusal to be under a master, and if you forsake the master, you truly have none to protect you.

Think of Master Miyagi and Daniel in the movie “Karate Kid”. Because Daniel had submitted himself to Master Miyagi, when the thugs came to attack Daniel, Master Miyagi appeared to protect him, because he understood Daniel was not yet strong enough to defend himself. When you have no master, however, you go about thinking you can defend and protect yourself, only to find yourself beaten by karmic enemies.

Of course, those who have no desire for accountability themselves would want others to believe karma is over. That whole idea that there is no right or wrong has become a virus; an infectious disease. It is why so many are focused on concepts of “living your truth” as if there is no such thing as absolute truth. So many reject correction because it doesn’t feel good to them, and they count everyone who chastens them as an enemy. I realize why people are so brainwashed with card readings, natal chart readings, and such. They don’t want to be accountable. If they know themselves, they will not be guiltless for transgressing the law within them. So, they would rather rely on who someone else tells them they are, or read books to become seasoned readers themselves.

However, you cannot learn to be divine. Divinity is that which is at our innermost being. Our divinity is realized only through the hard trials, and if the people can convince themselves, or be convinced, there is no right or wrong, they feel at liberty to reject the weight of their calling, which is to restore Heaven in Earth. They want lives free from any rules, not realizing that, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves that they can do whatever they want, without correction, it doesn’t absolve them of karma. Karma is a master as well, but more in the sense of a slave master. When you don’t willfully submit to discipline, punishment is exacted to correct you.

It is this egoistic line of thought that also fuels the ideas of non-attachment. I went through such a period myself, unknowingly. I didn’t call it detachment, but when I fully submitted myself as a disciple of the I AM presence within me, I moved far away from anyone I knew. Again, as one never discipled by man (because none has ever worn such a mantle to have the fires I had to endure), I had to come into my power in the same manner Moshe and Yeshua did. I had to be alone in the wilderness to be both taught by God, and tried by the devil.

This is the way in which we first move from the lowest spiritual world of the tree of life, Assiyah-Gashmi, our physical Universe, into Assiyah, the world of action. So I get it. You all are detaching from the physical world to become self-accountable. Accountability, though is still just the first step towards self-actualization, or mastery. Our detachment truly is a fear because we don’t know ourselves, and non-attachment is essential for protection.

Too many people get stuck there, though, and because of it, never do more than teeter on the edges of Yetzirah, or the world of formation. Yetzirah is the realm of the Law of Attraction. All of the focus is on forming the carnal desires, and so many mistake this for manifestation. In reality, what you are doing is still expressing another layer of ego, but so many get comfortable here because they are able to obtain things that are formed. And the ego becomes prideful and boastful because it is able to acquire much material. Yet, a master recognizes where one is on this path, and instead of crushing you, celebrates you, knowing your level of understanding.

It is not, though, until one begins to understand the importance of healthy attachment that they are able to endure the fires to move from Yetzirah to Beriyah, which is the world of consciousness. Now, in Beriyah, you’re not satisfied with simply attracting things. You now desire to experience true consciousness, and true consciousness is when the reality of Divine Oneness starts coming into view. It’s when the eye begins to be single, and thus the body begins to fill with light. Here, you lose strong desires for the physical things, and even your sexual urges and natural hunger become purified. You no longer seek to please the flesh here. You know yourself, and only desire yourself, as it can be experienced in the form of another person, or a fruit, vegetable, or herb. You are reconnecting to the tree of life in the center of Gan Eden. You don’t need psychics, card readers, and astrologers because you are remembering who you are, wholly unique from all others, yet entirely interdependent and interconnected at the same time.

The last world, bringing us back to complete knowledge of the True Self, and the fullness of faith, is Atzilut. Atzilut is the world of emanation. Here the I AM that I AM floods out of my entire being in such a way that others, even those still abiding in the outer courts, cannot resist my light, without the flashiness of material goods and wealth. Here, I AM known as love and joy, abundance and gratitude despite any physical perceptions. At this point in mastery, I know those I AM given to, and who are given to me, and despite their level of understanding, I never cease being the I AM that I AM, because that is all I AM. I have now become an offering unto humanity that others may find the way, the truth, and the life. This is when Babel is destroyed. This is when the eternal oneness is realized, beginning first with my Twin Flame, and then extending to all others.

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