Your Freedom Isn’t Free

I began my journey as the abolitionist with the mindset that manumission was just gaining freedom from the religion, politics, and education I had been indoctrinated into. I thought that in shedding all their rules, I was FREE to fuck every woman who was sexually attracted to me. This was the pseudo-freedom I was preaching to others, and it is what drew so many people to me, especially women. I thought I was free because I felt like I could do and have whatever I wanted without restraint. For a while, I even strongly considered becoming a polygynist (and other men even suggested I NEEDED to be because of my power), wishing to have many wives, basically making each woman I was sexually attracted to part of my family. The truth, though, is that I was even more the slave at that point than I had ever been under church, government, and school.

I walked around proclaiming myself to be Lord and King, and though I AM born for this cause, I had actually abdicated my throne. I wasn’t yet fit to be the God or King I understood I was born to be because I still spoke as a child, thought as a child, and reasoned as a child. I thought I was free because I ran away from the tutors and governors appointed unto me to prepare me for my inheritance, but I simply exchanged those tutors and governors for slave masters. I had become a slave to my “sinful lusts” and carnal desires, and didn’t even have the presence of mind to realize I had left before my time, not to become Master and King, but instead to become slave and pauper.

However, because the tutors and governors had imparted into me knowledge of my Divine Self, there were some who were as angels unto me in the wilderness. Think of Simba in “The Lion King”. He knew he was the king, but because he was still a child, he wasn’t ready for the responsibility of being the king. He wanted an easy life, and thought that by running away he would avoid that responsibility. However, his “masters”, Timon and Pumba, only led him back to his True Self. Then the voice of his father within him told him “Remember who you are Simba”. At that point, after being left alone in the wilderness to be tried and tested, he was able to see his pure reflection. No longer was he the child he thought himself to be, or the slave of comfort and ease. He was now the king, and he was able to go back, lay down his own life for his kingdom, and defeated the deceiver and adversary who had tricked him out of his throne.

So many of you spout off how you are Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens, and though by birth you are those things, in ignorance, you have actually forsaken your power in order to slum it up as slaves, satisfying your bellies with the pig slop of your own lusts. You surround yourself with those who call you Goddess or Queen, but they actually do it in mockery. While some do see that you very well are heir of all things, they know that if you stand in your I AM presence, they lose the access to your flesh and emotions that they take advantage of.

OK, you left the indoctrination you were under, but within you remains the truth of your I AM presence that you still refuse to repent to. You can either yield, now, yourselves to masters who are shepherds, or you will be devoured by ravenous hyenas, until you return to yourselves. The fires will rage, and they will purge out of you all your fuckery, until you are able to see the True Self even as I see it. Nothing shall stop you from ascending to the throne, but you are going to require a whole lot of cleaning before you can don the crown, ring, and robe.

Yes, you will experience true freedom if you follow me, even as Israel followed me during the exodus from Mizraim. Yet, you must understand you will be tested in the wilderness. You will be tested and tried, and if you refuse discipline, you will die in your lustful desires. However, I refuse to see you not be the Divine presence I know you to be, so I will intercede for you, and when the enemy comes in, like a flood, I will lift up a standard against him. No, freedom isn’t free, but because I have gone this way before, I will guide you into your promised land.

Here my beloved; take my hand. I will lead you home!

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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