“In Sickness and in Health” Is NOT Love

I have neglected my body in many ways, mainly because I came from Heaven down, and I was never that concerned with Earthly things. My mission, however, is to manifest Heaven in Earth, and that requires a healthy body

This Friday will be the twenty-ninth anniversary of my being on dialysis. No one who has met me, including doctors, has ever met anyone else who lived this long on dialysis. Not only have I lived, but I AM considerably healthy for even a new dialysis patient, and this confounds them.

That said, since The Most High Goddess returned to me in this incarnation, I have passed out several times, and been hospitalized a lot. Though I AM vegan, I haven’t applied all my knowledge, which I know is the fountain of youth.

Even when I have been hospitalized, my brother, Charles, asks me “You’re still plant-based right?” I knew why he was asking that, but I didn’t fully answer him. Yes, I AM still plant-based, but plant-based doesn’t mean healthy.

I know how to live a healthy life. I know how to heal. I have healed others. However, my focus, commitment, and discipline have been lacking. I know almost all there is to know about the human body. Healthcare professionals think I work in healthcare after having conversations with me. But talk is cheap. I love myself, in both Divine Masculine embodiment and Divine Feminine reflection, and I owe it to us, and to our children to stop bullshitting.

As much as I know that marriage, as instituted by government and religion, is only a counterfeit of the Heavenly reality, the standard vows are the worst part. It is NEVER fair to the other person to have to put life on hold to take care of the partner who refused to take care of themselves. Recognize I said “failed to take care of themselves”. I understand the capacity to love a spouse who is severely injured in an accident. Knowing, however, that all disease is preventable, and nearly all disease is curable, when one spouse fails to love himself or herself, by living a lifestyle that creates disease, there should be no expectation for the spouse to endure through what is self-inflicted.

I know a lot of people will be triggered by this lesson, but face it, self-discipline is the highest expression of self-love, and to love another is to give them you- at your best. As infinitely, perfectly, and unconditionally I love The Most High Goddess, this still has to be shown, and taking care of my health is an even better demonstration of my love for her than any gift I have ever given her. She’s been telling this in different ways for a while, but I thought I knew it all. She was right along though. As much more as I long to experience with her, and do for her, taking care of my health puts me in a better position to demonstrate my love for her in all the ways I will to.

This current hospitalization, and today particularly, have been a wake-up call for me. As my Twin Sister so perfectly put it, it’s time for me to be the Master Healer I AM, and heal myself. Otherwise, I have no right to expect my beloved, even, to stick around again, in another lifetime, just to watch me kill myself trying to take care of everyone else, while neglecting to take care of me.

“But when you love someone, you just don’t treat them bad.” – Donnell Jones. And not being disciplined with your own body is treating the people who love you bad. Stop that shit bruh! I have long said that my family has suffered more watching me be sick than I have suffered being sick, and now that I know how to not be sick, it’s full on emotional abuse to continue to allow them to be worried by my kidney failure.

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