Be Servants of One Another

At the point of separation of the strengths opposite (עֵזֶר כְּנֶגְדּוֹ- erroneously translated help meet), none of us were complete. Yes, you must be complete in yourself, first, as אִישׁ or אִשָּׁה (man or woman), but that is not completion. That is not the fullness of healing and restoration. The fullness of such is אדם (adam; not a name, but a being as the image and likeness of “God”), which is the two, זכר and נקבה (male and female) as one.

The Divine Masculine, represented in the “higher” three chakras (crown, third eye, and throat), is Heavenly. The Divine Feminine, revealed in the “lower” three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus), is Earthly. Both must be exclusively complete before the two can be fully restored to oneness in the Garden of Eden, which is between Heaven and Earth, the very place where the two became at enmity with one another, instead of strengths opposite of one another. This is the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the place where the two must relearn how to communicate, for it is the mediator between the two. For the Divine Masculine to come up to the Divine Feminine, she must reveal to him where he is inerrant in Earth. For the Divine Feminine to come up to the Divine Masculine, he must teach her of Heaven. However, because she is Earthly, he must do so by preparing an Earthly abode for her in Heaven, as she prepares a Heavenly abode for him in Earth.

It is important that you pay attention to my use of DIVINE Masculine and DIVINE Feminine. The divine is much different from the carnal. As the carnal man is, he is disconnected from Heaven, becoming wholly sensual; controlled by his appetites. This, however, is the nature of the Divine Feminine, who is inherently Earth Goddess. The carnal woman, being actually disconnected from Earth, relies on reasoning, rather than her innate sensuality, and then becomes a slave to her thinking.

When men become whorish, it is because they have shunned the holiness of the Earth, which can only be revealed to them in humbling themselves as servants unto the Divine Feminine. A servant is not a slave. A slave is the property of an owner, and is there only to satisfy the wishes of the owner. A servant, however, willingly bows to his own Divine Feminine reflection, in love and worship for her. He slays the dragon of the ego, to accept the truth that he NEEDS her.

When women become so, it is because they reject the holiness of Heaven, and that is to be received by humbling themselves unto the Divine Masculine as servants. The Earth Goddess with the servants heart lays prostrate before her own Divine Masculine reflection, trusting that she is safe in his arms. Instead, women become slaves to their thoughts and sensuality, instead of the disciplined Mistresses of such they are intended to be.

The great issue is that, in our egos, we both, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, have attempted to usurp the authority of the other. Yes, it is true that the Divine Masculine’s body is not his own, but belongs to the Divine Feminine. Likewise, the body of the Divine Feminine is not hers, but the Divine Masculine’s. This is Heaven in Earth. Neither rules over the other, but they are both servants of one another. Today, men and women are trying to prove to one another that no one tells them what to do. The truth is that, as Divine reflections, or strengths opposite, of one another, the two reason together in the heart space, that the heart may be healed.

In the Biblical allegory of the Garden of Eden, the man actually usurped the authority of the woman, and rather than serve her from the place of the crown, he rebelled against her, and then blamed her for what had transpired. He was supposed to cover her, in love, but instead exposed her nakedness, which was intended to be holy (set apart/sanctified) unto him. In his failure to protect, he left her with no choice but to fight for her own survival. However, being inherently sensual, she used the only “weapon” she knew- her yoni. With this, she attempted to enslave man. Man then, rather than lovingly serve the woman with the Heavenly truth, used it to enslave her. This is where the constant power struggle began that continues today.

The only way for the man to experience eternal life in the Earth is through the woman. The only way for the woman to enjoy eternal life in Heaven is through the man. It is the man, though, that must lead the way in servitude. ‘If I being your lord and master have done this unto you, how much more should you do it for one another?” This is the statement Jesus made to his disciples, who symbolized his bride, when he humbled himself, taking the form of the lowest servant, disrobed, and washed the disciples’ feet. This is what I AM to do for my own Divine Feminine reflection, that she might find rest for her Soul.

Even as I AM to come (cum) into Earth, she is to come into Heaven. As Heaven, I must come down, for her, as Earth to rise up. It is even as the Sun and the Rain come down to water the Earth, and the Earth then springs forth with new life rising unto the Heavens. I give her eternal life in the Heavens. She gives me eternal life in the Earth. This is how we are to be servants unto one another, and how we are to teach the world to love.

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