Love’s Revelation Episode 1: The Acceptance of Love

Love is wholly Divine. Love is also acceptance of the Divine. Before I had seen the True Heaven for myself, it was asinine to me that any would say they choose hell over Heaven. This is because the only concept of Heaven they had was the counterfeit as painted by Christianity.

I have gone through hell already, and Heaven was on the other side. We had been indoctrinated to believe hell and Heaven are opposites. Hell is actually just the wilderness between captivity, which is slavery to the false self, and the Promised Land, or oneness with the True Self.

In captivity, we come to despise ourselves. This is because our lower bodies- the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric- are so heavily afflicted. At the point of our captivity, these are the only bodies we know, and we just have a difficult time accepting them because all we know of them is pain. This is where we learn to believe that the only means of obtaining success is by performance. In captivity, as we lack knowledge of the I AM presence, we are ignorant of our inherent divinity.

This is where we are when a deliverer comes along. The deliverer seeks to liberate us from that indoctrination that we have to please others in order to deserve a reward. This is the first message that comes to us giving us hope of something more. Ironically, religion is the greatest captivity there is, because it convinces you that you are something wholly exclusive of Divine, and that you can never be Divine.

This is actually just intended to be a stage in your evolution. This is not where you were intended to be forever. The deliver, who is but a master amongst slaves and disciples, is the mediator bringing you back to oneness with the Divine. Once you have repented to your I AM presence, what need have you for any mediator?

This is where the deep need for acceptance first arises in self-love. Our eyes are opened to the reality that it is not the acceptance of others that we need, but to accept ourselves. We have to accept that, in our I AM presence, we are not “born in sin and shaped in iniquity.” The concept of sin we had been taught is a lie. Sin is not transgression against the rules of the church. Sin is transgression against your own I AM presence. One of the first keys to loving yourself is accepting that the image and likeness projected upon you by those who themselves have not repented to their own I AM presence is NOT you. That is their fantasy of you.

This, however, is only a preliminary step in fulfilling love. Once you have accepted that others’ fantasies of you are not you, the tendency is to simply rebel against every projection anyone has cast of you. So, you begin defining yourself from a place of ego. Your ego is focused only on survival. This is because the ego also does not know the I AM presence. The ego is the master of the four lower bodies, but only because it has not accepted that it is truly a servant of the Soul. So, the ego is not even autonomous. It is a slave still to the captivity, though there are no more proverbial captors. No; the ego is a slave to the mind and heart. It behaves in reaction to the memories and the emotions. The love of the ego actually still longs for the provision of captivity. As the deliverer is leading you through hell, to purge from you that which continues to separate you from the I AM presence- the “Promised Land”- a lot of self-denial is required. While the captivity was harsh, you did enjoy some luxuries in that captivity that you are now going without. So, rather than accept the fires of purification, you talk of how much better things were “in Egypt”. Your ego, in the “wilderness of sin” must face itself, and choose whether to bow the knee again to the oppressor for the benefit of worldly things, or to endure the tribulation to reach the Promised Land that the deliverer has told you of.

This is the exact point when most refuse to accept the suffering, and turn back. However, that choice only brings a reward from the oppressor, and the ego gets promoted to a position of ruling over others. So, because you are able to get what you want without the sting of religion, you think you have arrived. However, this is also just a stage in your evolution. This is the stage where most who survived the captivity die, still never having come to the fullness of love.

The acceptance of love is not a complacency. Instead, love accepts the world as it is, in full gratitude. The acceptance of love is giving thanks in everything, knowing that this is the will of God concerning you. The acceptance of love does this, while holding onto the hope of Heaven in Earth. Rather than attempting to change and control others, love both acknowledges them in their present state, with open arms, yet confidently behaving towards them as they are already perfect.

As acceptance, their is no manipulation in love. Truthfully, what most people call protecting their energy is really manipulation. The refusal to accept someone where they are on their journey from “Egypt” to the Promised Land is simply an attempt to try to change or control them. What you demonstrate in this behavior is that your ego is still projecting fear upon them. Now, don’t misunderstand this for an admonition that you have to tolerate violence of any kind. However, most of what leads one person to cut another person off is that the person’s behavior isn’t making their wilderness experience pleasant. It has been said that people don’t leave people they love; they leave people they were using. When you love someone you unconditionally accept them, with the understanding that only perfect love casts out all fears.

As love, I had to accept all as they are projecting themselves in the moment, and not allow their projection to change the behavior of the love I AM. This applies both to self-love and love for others. Don’t go back into bondage just because you refuse to accept the ones who are with you in the wilderness. Sometimes they appear as angels, and other times as demons, but once you can accept that you are actually alone in the wilderness, and the others are just reflections of yourself, you can move on towards the perfect love that manifests Heaven in Earth.

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