Love’s Revelation Episode 2: The Correction of Love

I feel it is necessary, at this point, for us to distinguish what love TRULY is from what love has been counterfeited to be. Love, as understood by the ancients, is an impenetrable force. Love is the highest frequency of The Universe. This is why the Romans later espoused the concept of “God is love”. Though the later translators of the Bible chose to translate several different energies all as love, this is not really truth. So, today many carry on the traditions of the English translators, calling a lot of things love that, though they proceed forth from love, are not complete love. Before we go into the correction of love, I feel it’s important to discuss the different ideas that have come to, erroneously, be identified as love, as well as the truth of what love is.

The most common (and famous) idea painted as love derives from the Greek word phileo. It is phileo where the cities of Philadelphia get their name. The accepted idea is that Philadelphia means “city of brotherly love”. How consistent is this, though, with the original Greek philosophical thought behind phileo? Phileo is actually the feeling of affection. As a feeling, it is changeable; inconsistent. Though it is commonly called brotherly love, it is more consistent with the fondness two friends have for one another. This, however, is not truly love.

Then there is eros. Eros is the feeling of passion between two people. It is actually where the English word erotic derives from. It is the exchange of sexual energy that is intended to be holy (as in set-apart) between twin flames. It is the idea of the two being one flesh. However, this still isn’t love. Eros is an energy influenced by lust and primal urge. Rape and molestation are acts of eros. Therefore, it is clear that, except for in the perverted English understanding, this is not love. However, when the strengths opposite of one another (the twin flames) engage in the eros energy with one another, true love, in the form of Christic offspring, is made. This is why, in the proper setting, eros can conceive agape, which we will discuss in a moment.Storge is the more powerful form of affection than phileo.

Storge is the actual feeling shared between family members and spouses. Storge, again, is not unchanging though. It fluctuates based on the behavior of its object, and often disappears completely when feelings change.

The true love which is that highest frequency of The Universe is called, in the Greek, agape. For the Christian, it is viewed as the God kind of love. As far away from this reality the church appears to be, they are correct in their understanding of it.Agape is sacrificial love. It is reciprocal in nature, in that it gives of itself for the benefit of others, inconsiderate of its personal feelings. Thus, agape has as its highest objective divine order, peace, and balance. This is the fulfillment of Tikkun Nephesh, which is the healing, restoration, and correction of the complete Self. As Tikkun Nephesh is experienced by all, Tikkun Olam, or the healing, restoration, and correction of The Universe (which is the reemergence of Heaven in Earth) is accomplished.There is a specific reason why Episode 1 was “The Acceptance of Love”, and we are just addressing the correction of love in Episode 2. It is because we have been conditioned to believe, in this age of awakening, that acceptance is connected to an idea that love is how you feel about yourself. The truth is that what most people call self-love these days is actually a form of either storge or eros.

To most, self-love is a behavior of freedom from standards and rules. Everyone wants to feel significant just as they are, and while significance is within each individual, few have gone through the initiations of being reconnected to that significance. It is not that you need to feel horrible about yourself, but it is essential that you identify your True Self apart from your lusts and desires. This modern idea of self-love is basing the significance on how one feels about themselves, and this has created a thriving culture of narcissism and egoism.

The eros mistaken as self-love is what drives this modern obsession with self-pleasure. The individuals have been bewitched into thinking that whatever bodily urge they feel is to be satisfied. They shun any form of self-discipline because it isn’t satisfying their lower sensuality. So, that which is meant to be enjoyed and experienced within the twin flame relationship (sexual intercourse) is instead replaced with masturbation or fornication. I know many of you are going to tune out at this point, but these things defy the universal law of reciprocity. The cabal (fallen ones) have even convinced many that there is some magick available in these acts, but the energy is not magick. That energy is manipulation. For instead of enjoying the pleasure of reciprocity, it actually is a form of rape (spiritually) that is transpiring. The will of the Soul is being subverted in this perversion of eros.What must be accepted in love is that individuals are evolving. What is not to be accepted is individuals believing, and behaving as, they are not in anyway accountable for anything other than how they themselves feel. When others make it clear that they have no desire to be restored to the purity of the Soul, boundaries must be set, and rules established. This type of feeling is not the activity of the Soul, but is of the ego. This is why it is declared “The Father chastens whom he loves.”Chastening is always challenging to the ego. The ego is of the mindset of “I don’t give any fucks about what anyone has to say, and I don’t care who doesn’t like it.” The ego is manipulative, even in its use of gifts, because the only objective of this ego is to get others to fuel its own lusts and desires. The ego doesn’t care about balance or reciprocity. The ego cares about encouraging itself and other egos. This is the truth as to why there is such a demand for tarot and oracle cards, psychics, and other forms of divination. They are all simply tools to let the ego know whether or not it is accomplishing its goal of self-satisfaction.This is why correction is essential to love. You are all powerful beings, but the power (i.e. El; God) is at your innermost being. Because so few have ever seen “God”, they have grown content with all types of false power. These false powers appear in the forms of money, possessions, domineering, and sex. Some even feel powerful through their consumption of drugs and alcohol. All of these make beautiful servants of God, but humanity has made them masters, and have willfully exchanged the real master, their Souls, to obtain these other objectives.

The Soul is one with the I AM presence. It is the Father within all of us. When the Father is unable to teach us directly, because of our disconnection from the I AM presence, mediators become necessary. Sometimes, even in the natural, children have a tendency to not hear their father, but another can come along, repeating the very same truth the father has been declaring, and it is received. When this happens, it is usually because the mediator is first appealing to the phileo, eros, or storge in the emotional body of the hearer. It has been depicted many times over the years in television shows how a tragedy brings about the correction of the child, and the child’s repentance to the parents. No father ever wants to see his children suffer, but when the child won’t receive instruction, nor correction, it is chastening that often brings an individual to himself.I get it… correction is very humbling, unpleasant, and at times embarrassing. Especially if it happens in the presence of those whom you wish to appear special to. However, the one who understands love has no problem receiving correction, because he knows the correction is actually seeking to manifest the power within him, not put limits upon him.

The hardest thing for a Master Prophet is often looking upon the Soul of an individual, having to judge the heart, and then having to bring correction in love to that individual. Man looks at the outer appearance, but the Master has learned to see past the projection into the innermost being of a person. In seeing that deeply, that is, to the core, we also see the heart. Knowing the great chasm between the heart and Soul, the Master seeks to gently correct by being transparent, and offering to lead you through the initiations of being reconnected to the I AM presence. I weep often because I know the True Self of many, and when I would lead you to peace you would not have it. Since you reject the instructions written upon your innermost being, as revealed by the Masters amongst you, enemies will soon come and leave no stone unturned in your lives. My infinite, perfect, and unconditional love for you desired to guide you back to yourself, and that same love now has to watch you go through the tribulation, knowing that the tribulation will bring you to repentance that you may know The Most High God within you.

True, unconditional self-love is correcting oneself through the exercising of discipline, submitting to the laws and instructions written upon the innermost being, even when that discipline destroys every perception and belief one has of the self.

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