Love’s Revelation Episode 5: The Glory of Love

Let me begin by saying God is love. Thus, love is God. Not God from the patriarchal view of religion, but God as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in One. The godhead is the balance of God and Goddess. So, maybe it is more accurate to say “godhead is love”. Then what is the glory of God, or the glory of love? It definitely is NOT what religion portrays it to be.

The concept of glory, as understood today, stems from a Hebrew word, Shekinah. The word Shekinah literally means dwelling, but the actual origin is the name of the Goddess of the Hebrews. Yes, you read that right. Shekinah is the Goddess of the Hebrews. El is the God of the Hebrews, and while most have been taught to understand the Hebrews as monotheistic, they were far from it. So, the truth is that the glory of love is the presence of the Mother Flame; the Divine Feminine presence.

Even the “name” of God known as Shaddai is actually another manifestation of the glory of love. Shaddai literally means “many breasted one”, and is seen as the supply of God. It IS actually seen in Earthly wealth, which is why we have come to associate the word glory with abundance. But just understanding that, while the Divine Father is responsible for the correction and patience of love, it is through the Divine Mother that love is actually seen.

Consider a balanced household, that has mother, father, and children. It is actually the appearance of the mother that identifies the strength of the family, even though the father is dutifully present. In this, love’s glory is made known by the adornment of the Divine Feminine reflection. The Divine Masculine is tasked with communicating Heaven to the Divine Feminine, who then presents the manifestation of such to the world.

So yes, love gives. Love gives so that the world may see its glory. Love gives so that the object of its love should never be ashamed to be seen. She should never be ashamed to be seen, because he is always conveying Heaven in a manner that Earth is bountiful. Love is both the seed and the fruit; the Divine Masculine in the Divine Feminine; Heaven in Earth. This is the glory of love. The glory of love is the perpetual reciprocity of the strengths opposite, and the strengths opposite of one another is the true meaning of a help meet. For this cause, love gives; that its glory may be revealed. Because love is NOT a feeling, and therefore can only be known by the dwelling in which it makes its abode.

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