Celebrating Evolution

This isn’t a piece about Darwin, nor his theory of evolution. Not in the least. Though, some of his exposition could be applied to this matter at hand. I AM actually revealing important truths about the natural evolution of sentient beings, which is so often impeded by institutions and their rules. Institutions such as medical, government, religion, prison, education, and military have sought to strip away the autonomy of sentient beings, and make everyone be the same. This is because it gives them easier ability to control others, rather than love them. This is why all these institutions must fall before Heaven in Earth can be actualized.

I had a conversation with the Divine Feminine embodiment most dear to me that was centered around how counterproductive infant progression guidelines are. The understanding that has come is that many children have been labeled developmentally disabled simply because they have not began tasks at an age someone else felt they should. Who set these guidelines as to when every child must be performing certain activities? What gave them the right to? Why did society so blindly accept them?

Society has allowed doctors to set rules as to when babies must be able to hold their heads up on their own, crawl, talk, walk, eat solid food, and so many other things that parents have allowed their children to be labeled as diseased, handicapped, or even mentally challenged based on these doctors’ guidelines. Humans, however, are the only creatures that don’t allow their young to evolve naturally, and as a result, the attempts to “correct” things about a child that were never incorrect actually lead the child to believe something is “wrong” with him. The correction in this matter actually inhibits and perverts the child’s nature.

That desire to force maturity upon a child tends to, instead, cripple the child. This can be a physical or mental crippling. Though we often have a clear vision of who someone is intended to be, time is generally the indeterminate factor. We try to rush children to grow up, and they end up missing out on a lot of experiences important to their maturation. Allowing children to be children is truly a must, and the refusal to do so has caused society to lose its beauty. To enter the Kingdom of God, even, you must have faith as a child. Why is this? Because a child’s faith is inquisitive and experimental. Children actually are seeking something in everything they do, and adults tend to forget the fun and excitement of discovery.

As one who has practically been divine his entire life, some by nature and some by direction, I have an inherent ability to see the fullness of others. What had escaped me was the patience to allow others to grow into their best selves at their own pace. I had to learn myself that unconditional love is a balance of praise, mercy, correction, and grace. The church taught us to judge others instead of loving them, and instead of giving them a desire for righteousness, the church instilled in them a disdain for everything holy. Where the church could have been a vehicle of God’s unconditional love, it instead became a tool of the devil’s deception.

Just as natural parents need to understand their children so as not to expect them to learn and behave at a level beyond their capacity, spiritual leaders must do the same for those they have been charged to teach and protect. I developed a disdain for the modern educational system because standards are set based on the expectations of people who don’t know the children. Standardized tests being more so than all others, tests are culturally biased. The creator of the test is always going to prefer those who are like themselves. The test is going to favor others who think like them, and we are not all meant to cognitively process information the same way.

Children are sent to school to be taught by someone who is able to aid in their development at the level they are on in that moment. In kindergarten, the children color and finger paint. School is fun at that age, however, as the grade levels increase, school loses its excitement for many students. It’s no longer fun because they are being forced to conform to someone else’s ideal for intelligence.

As it relates to our spirituality, religions, even metaphysics and witchcraft, are schools that help many develop their spiritual maturity. Tarot cards, oracle cards, mediums, psychics, astrology, and the like are effective tools in helping individuals who are spiritually inept to reconnect to their inherent divinity. Just as in the educational system, though, there is an expectation of the teachers to equip the students for the next level. This is what is lacking in the so-called conscious community. People have gotten stuck on levels they are meant to graduate from, and it’s mainly for one of two reasons: the teachers are unable to get them to the next level, or the teachers who are able would rather condemn the students for not already being on that level than to show the way, and this forms a root of bitterness in the student that they have no desire to matriculate.

So, the way to correct this travesty is for those of us who are mature to learn to celebrate others where they are, while offering gentle correction, guiding them in the way they should go. The Soul of each individual prepares the necessary tests for the individual to develop mastery. Yes, there are those who wish for everyone to fail. There are teachers who subtly seek for the students to fail. They get the students so caught up in fun that they never move on to accountability. As Divine Mothers and Divine Fathers, we must learn to recognize these things, and offer perfect love to those entrusted to us. We have to stop hurrying others to be who we know them to be, because in doing so, we impede their evolution, and we prevent the world from ever being whole.

Remember beloved, love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. Love is the best teacher there is, for love fosters our perfect evolution into the image and likeness of the I AM presence within us all.

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