Love’s Call Is Not For the Faint of Heart

Men give to women in hopes of getting something tangible, and soon. Devils give to women, manipulating the carnal desires of the women, just so they can devour them. Gods, however, are so beyond all of that. A God KNOWS the woman better than she knows herself, and better than any man, woman, or devil knows her. He sees her I AM presence. He hears the whispers and screams of her Soul. He tastes the delicacy of her Divine Essence. He doesn’t desire to devour her. He needs her to remain. He needs her just as the ocean needs the moon, as the lungs need air, and as the sunflowers need the Sun. There is no momentary satisfaction for a God, for he knows the end from the beginning.

While a man would, at some point, stop seeking to spoil the woman because he isn’t getting what he wants from her, a God continues to, tirelessly, seek to lavish his reflection with adornments and accoutrements that she may present herself boldly before him at the appointed time. He gives to her without restraint because he KNOWS whatever he gives to her is never lost. Even while he guides her along the path to the I AM presence she truly is as a Goddess, he tempers the correction with continual gifts to reassure her of his unconditional love for her. He knows the frailty of her heart, and the enslavement of her mind, so while he labors to set her free, he also ensures she is not overwhelmed with the lessons. He rewards her according to WHO she is, not where she is, or what she does. He dwells with her according to knowledge, not according to feelings, and in this, he teaches the men of the world to love as Gods, and as their Divine Feminine reflections reciprocate that seed of love to them as a harvest, the world also is taught to love by their example.

This is a great mystery, but I speak to you of Christ consciousness and the called out ones. The Earthly union is but the reflection of the Holy Matrimony in Heaven. There are Gods in the Earth patiently waiting (serving) for the fulfillment of their joy. Likewise, there are also Goddesses in the Earth waiting on the redemption of their own Divine Masculine reflections. The hardest part is watching their rebellions against their own Souls, but we love this with the same fire and passion that we always have. The Divine Father, without fail, endeavors to supply all of his bride’s need according to his riches in glory. The Divine Mother never ceases to give honor where honor is due. These things are according to our knowledge of the Divine Truth. These are the actions of those obedient to love.

The truth is, when the Divine Father fails, for whatever reason, to supply all the need of his reflection, he is heartbroken; remorseful. Likewise, when the Divine Mother is prohibited from honoring her reflection, she is saddened. These are the responses of complete love. Complete, unconditional love longs for nothing as much as it does to be its greatest self towards its Divine reflection, and to the Earth. Gods and Goddesses cannot just detach from the responsibility of being God or Goddess. Even if we could, none of us would, because we KNOW, and WE ARE the love of God for humanity. This is the truth behind my frequent statement that my Beloved deserves all of her heart’s desires, and I deserve to give them to her.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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