Healing the Twin Flame

For many millennia, misogyny and patriarchy were the way of the world. Though men have been in power all that time, few have been loved or honored. The Divine Masculine image has been feared, but not loved. Then women began to rise up and cast off the subjugation of the men, but no one is really being healed in the process. The reason so few are able to “find”, or recognize their twin flame is because people are only adapting instead of healing.

If you have known me a great deal of time, you know I have always had a heart to inspire and heal women. The Divine Feminine has always been dear to my heart, even when I was in religion. However, it has become clear that, in placing the woman on her rightful pedestal, she has flipped the script on us.

Because of the carnal desires of humanity, misogynists were able to unjustly rule over women by using the masculine responsibility as a weapon. The Universe actually bears witness of the masculine principle being accountable for supplying and protecting. Instead of men operating in divinity, and commiting to our I AM presence in love, we threatened to withhold our protection and provision if the women didn’t do as we demanded.

When the women got tired of being manipulated by punk ass men, they began to find ways to provide for and protect themselves. They began to honor themselves, and also began to view men as dispensable. The problem is this is that the woman didn’t heal: she adapted. She adapted by doing for herself that which was intended to be done, in love, by the man, but also doing the things that they despised men doing. Women recognized the imbalance of men being encouraged to be promiscuous while they were admonished to be chaste, and instead of correcting the men, they instead became like the men.

The result? The Earth is now filled with bastards; children who have no semblance of a balanced family. Men, attempting to reclaim the patriarchal dynamic began promoting polygyny, and offering women the sisterhood they had learned to celebrate, while restoring to them the protection and provision they were meant to enjoy. It seemed to be a favorable alternative to single parenthood, and many women took the bait. (Hence, the rise of the concept of “sister wives”). To make it worse, people are really believing the propaganda that there are seven women to one man, though the population of the world is slightly more male.

Then the women who choose to accept the whoredoms of men, decide to become just as much the whores as the men have been. This is not healing our sexuality. This is rebelling against it. Everyone is adapting to the fall of humanity instead of raising humanity back up to the Divinity from which it originates. True Divine- God, as most recognize it- is best exemplified in the traditional marriage. The original Divine Being was both male and female as one. They were two equal, but opposite, sides of one coin; heads and tails per se. Strengths opposite of one another is how they were understood by the ancients. Unfortunately, religion came along with the lie that the woman was formed from the rib of the man to be his help meet, and that isn’t even what the original text of the Torah declares.

The two were one from the beginning, given the charge to be fruitful and multiply. IF that one instruction had been followed as given, there would not be a chasm between God and man. If the two who were one would have continued to hold one another in sanctity, each God and Goddess would only produce Gods and Goddesses. It really is that simple. So now, we have a generation where the feminine is being honored, yet the Divine Feminine is still subjugated. She is subjugated by both women and men now. By women because she despises the beauty of her own holiness. By men just as she has been for hundreds of thousands of years.

Now guess what though? The women who refused to fear men any longer actually seek to instill fear in the man. The survival of the man and woman depends on the two agreeing to be one again. While the men abused our bodies for so many millennia by not remaining holy unto our own feminine reflections, the women now do the same. One of the most difficult truths for both men and women to accept in 2020 is “the man’s body is not his own, but belongs to his woman, and the woman’s body is not her own, but belongs to her man.” This is the only way Christic seeds are born into the Earth. So, now women threaten men with withholding from men the only means of achieving eternal life: the womb. She forgets though, that she is also robbing herself of eternal life.

So, my mission, as Divine Father, is to heal you both. I refuse to threaten my strength opposite in withholding protection and provision from her, until she knows the unconditional love of her strength opposite as a beginning. I also commit to remaining holy unto her through all circumstances. My seed is to precious to be planted into anything other than holy ground. I will continue loving all sentient beings unconditionally, until they too are restored to their fullness as Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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