To the Bride, the Daughters, and the Sisters

Who told you you weren’t beautiful
That you forgot how the Father adores you?
That you think self love is to see yourself as pretty
But only by viewing your outside differently?
You still have to heal Babygirl.
You still have to heal
Because you are only pretty as revenge.
You are narcissistic now
Because you got tired of the lies
The lies that you weren’t always beautiful
So, now you are embracing a visage that is nothing like
What the Father always told you was beautiful
But because you never valued the one who always saw it
You run after the ones who see what you have become
But they still don’t see the I AM you are
Because they look with the eyes
Yet can’t see with the eye.
So, rather than light,
They are full of darkness.
And you have become enslaved by that darkness
Which only truly shows that you are still trying to hear
The Father who sowed the seed
For you to be the light of the world.
So now, though your face smiles
And your heart grins,
Your Soul cries.
But no one can see it but
The Father…
Who knew you were beautiful
When men only saw you
As a corpse to fuck.
There is still the Father
Who sees his reflection in you,
And the man who has the heart of the Father
That sees you as his reflection too.
And he loves you unconditionally
As you still can’t see yourself
But he sees you just as the Father sees you.
So the Father trusts him with you
And he is committed to be the bridegroom to you.
Because he knows the heart of the Father,
And knows the only way to
Multiply the Father’s heart in the Earth
And to make your Soul smile again
Is to be fruitful,
But only with you.
So, for you, for your daughters, for your sisters
He is holy;
Holy because he only sees you as holy
And beautiful
And glorious
And he knows
Just as the Father knows
That the two must be wholly…
One, and holy
For the sons and daughters to be
What the world needs them to be.
So Earth again is beautiful, and glorious,
And full of light
Just like you are to the Father
And he who has the Father’s heart.

2020 © Adebayo Oladele (written for spoken word)

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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