Overcoming the Shadow of Lust

Remember that the shadow is the disruption of the light. When you are led by sensual pleasure, it is temporal, and opens you up to wicked influences. There is no real magick in sex, exclusive of Divine Oneness. When The Two become One, manifestation happens. You all are out here perverting your Heavenly treasures trying to attract Earthly goods. It is the essence of gaining the whole world, but losing your Soul.

Real magick is a Divine Manifestation of Heaven in Earth. You have to first crucify the flesh, with its youthful lusts, and then return to the Father, in order to reveal the glory of God in the third dimension. You have to develop a desire greater than the lusts of the eyes, lusts of the flesh, and pride of life in order to experience the eternal pleasure of Soul intercourse. In the consummation of the Father and Mother within, you literally create new world. It is in this causal experience that the Christic seeds are birthed.

What the human mind, in its separation from the Christ Consciousness, doesn’t comprehend is that the Godhead has never tried to withhold anything from you. You are conceived as heir of all things. The hissing enchanter, which is the serpent, the dragon, and the spider, beguiled you to believe that you could receive your inheritance some other way than submission to the Mother Flame and the Spirit of the Father.

The Father never told you that you could not have the knowledge of good and evil. The Father told you not to depend on a tree for that knowledge. The Father within you knows that the tree is where the deceiver hangs out, and because you are not yet mature, you would be manipulated by the serpent, and forfeit the entire Kingdom.

The Seraphim represent the will of the Mother Flame. In order to return to the image and likeness of the Father, as King of kings, and Lord of lords, you have to first go through the Mother. Just as you came forth from the Mother, you must return the same way. You, instead, have chosen to worship the shadow of the Mother, while dishonoring the Divine Mother within you. Likewise, you have chosen to worship the shadow of the Father, while rejecting the eternal seed of the word.

Though you are Gods and Goddesses, you choose to die as mortals because you believe a lie more than the truth. All that is in the Earth, while Heaven is absent, is a shadow of that Heavenly reward. Religion cannot show you the way back to the Father. However, you have just replaced religion with other forms of idolatry that still don’t manifest Heaven in Earth. You left the synagogue, the church, and the mosque, only to still avert the Father’s house for covens and secret societies.

Though it is time that you should be mature, you still walk about the Earth as spiritual children. You hear the milk of the word from the Mother, trying to prepare you to eat the meat of the word your Father provides, but you despise your Mother’s breast, and choose the milk of beasts over that which is able to supply all your need. So, though the Father has joy unspeakable reserved for you, you refuse chastening, and instead enjoy that which brings about your death.

It is the Father within me that is attractive to so many women and homosexual men. However, when those who have yet to have the Mother Flame awakened within them find correction instead of carnal pleasures, they run away into the arms of Anansi and Satan, which is that dragon, the old serpent and deceiver, who beguiled you out of your inheritance in the first place.

There is a Heavenly experience that I AM able to give you now, but in order to receive it, you have to return to the Father. As long as you love the world, the love of the Father is not in you. Everything in the world- the lusts of the eyes, the lusts of the flesh, and the pride of life- is not from the Father. They are from the world, but as you can see with the state of affairs now in the Earth, this world is passing away. Anyone who does what pleases the Father, though, shall live forever, and experience life more abundantly.

Even the carnal lusts and desires you experience are only a shadow of the passion of the Father and Mother within you. All the pleasure we have felt in our carnality pails in comparison to the eternal pleasure set before us. The choice must be made, however, to crucify the flesh in order to receive the inheritance prepared for us.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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