Do You Know Your Enemy?

Listen out for statements like “The truth is out there, but you have to do your own research.” Also be leery of those who make long videos just to tell you that the wealthy and the governments are trying to kill you. The way to live is to be disciplined. Even if there are enemies of your flesh, how do you think you could stop them from their agenda?

If you are not a Master, you are either a disciple or a slave. Disciples are those who are learning mastery from a Master. They are acquiring knowledge of the I AM presence, and applying it that the wisdom makes them a God or Goddess. If God is for you, who can stand against you? Look for those who are teaching the way to God, rather than how to defend against carnal enemies.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Fear and delusion are byproducts of human fighting, but the real battle is a spiritual warfare. You are being distracted from the work of healing by class issues, racial issues, and cultural issues. None of that matters at all once you understand that God is One, and that your True Self is a light body anyway. Fuck this body. Mine is being transformed into Christ. Let me show you how to transform yours as well. It’s all a matter of disciplining the flesh.

Dr. King was a champion for justice, but he understood that social justice could only be accomplished through the healing of the heart in man. The focus of his message was light and love. Darkness is what had bred global racial segregation and classism. Only light could fix that. Sadly, the people love the darkness more than the light.

The burning building he prophetically understood he was leading the people into was not integration itself, but cultural integration without the human heart and mind being reintegrated with the God presence at its innermost being.

So today we have a culture built on conspiracy theories and perversions of already fallen ancient belief systems. You see oppressors in all those who don’t look like you, when your greatest adversaries are those who, knowing better, promote a form of godliness while denying the true power thereof.

I could show you how to get rich, and it still won’t matter because you will just have a lot of money, but still not know the Father within you. I can teach you how to both heal and prevent disease, and it will be pointless because some other lust will consume you besides food. You are still missing the real war being waged, and it has nothing to do with 5G, the Federal Reserve, biochemical warfare, or racial discrimination.

Your war is within, and the true enemy is one you call your friend. The enemy of your Soul is the one encouraging you to pursue after the lusts of the eyes, the lusts of the flesh, and the pride of life. Your real enemies are those seeking to devour your flesh. Rather than purify your temple, which is the temple of God, they wish to defile it. Yet you cannot see it because these very ones also tell you your enemies are human governments. These false teachers, however, are the very individuals seeking to keep you from the only righteous government: the Kingdom of God within you.

Your enemy is the one who agrees with everything that pleases your ego, yet has no concern whatsoever for your I AM presence. Your enemy is the one who encourages love of self, and superimposes it over self-love. They encourage you to despise discipline, and tell you those who offer correction in love are judging you. They say things like “Don’t judge me”, or “Only God can judge me”, without realizing the God within them is judging them each time they shun discipline.

Your real enemies are those who project their spiritual treachery onto large entities while they insidiously plant seeds of paranoia, suspicion, doubt, fear, narcissism, egoism, and lawlessness in your heart. They love to make themselves appear as martyrs, or victims of some covert sub-operative agenda. All the while they keep you consumed with low-vibrational transmissions themselves. The time you need spend achieving self-mastery, they keep you either researching all their claims, going further down a fruitless rabbit hole, or have you watching their videos telling you how everyone has lied to you about your history. None of these are profitable to your vibration being raised.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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  1. Am really going true all your content
    The words are true . we need prayers to win our enemy
    @karlwhyt thank you for sharing this website to me 🙏🙏🙏

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