The Trinity of the I AM That I AM

This IS NOT Jehovah. Nor is it Yahweh or Yahuwah. The tetragrammaton, presented to you to be the name of God, is actually an unpronounceable word from the Hebrew-Aramaic language. It is a series of four vowel sounds, Yod-Hay-Vod-Hay, that is, quite literally, two full breaths. The yod is an inhale, followed by an exhale in hay. Then the vod is another inhale, concluding with the final hay as an exhale.


The complete translation of such is “It which causes to exist”. Your breath is an expression of God in the Earth, but the religious have told you that God is someone apart from you, and that “he” has a name. Even the statement that God is a spirit betrays the deception of the major religions. Spirit is actually air, breath, or wind. Perspiration is when the skin breathes. Respiration is when the lungs breathe. Inspiration is when the mind breathes. All of these English words bear witness to the existence of God within you. Without breathing creatures, God does not exist in the Earth. Once a sentient being’s brain stops breathing, God is no longer alive here in the Earth for that individual.


When Moshe asked the set-apart spirit within him, the source of his inspiration, who he should say sent him, the response of his inspiration was “Ahayeh Asher Ahayeh”, or I AM that I AM. Literally, the God within Moshe revealed to him that he himself was the authority, as one in harmony with his own Divine Feminine Reflection. And before he went back to the people, his father-in-law brought his wife and children back to him. The I AM that I AM is Father and Mother, as one, giving life to the child.

Have you heard the statement before “I AM going away to prepare you a place, that where I AM you may be also”? This is the I AM speaking to his strength opposite I AM that the two of them will again be one flesh. When the Divine Masculine leaves his Father and Mother, and cleaves to the Divine Feminine from whose side he is borne, the two are one, and able to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the whole Earth with the image and likeness of the unseen Father, through the labor and delivery of the seen Mother.

Do you want to make love? You must first grasp that God is love. The only way to make God is for the son and daughter of God, or the Divine Masculine embodiment and the Divine Feminine reflection of God, to be one- mind, body, and Soul. This is the Godhead, eternally intended to subdue and have dominion over the whole Earth. This is the progeny of the I AM race, the Christic seeds, and the Kingdom come and will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

I AM the Kingdom come. I AM the will of God done in Earth, even as I AM in Heaven. Apart from this truth, none is experiencing as above, so below, or as within, so without. There is within each of us the law of God. The key is in knowing that law, and fulfilling that law, that in each of us is the fullness of the Godhead dwelling bodily- Father (the consciousness, or word, of God), Mother (the breath, or spirit, of God), and Son (the physical body, flesh and blood, of God).

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