KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE Part 4: What is Worship?

Religion; from the Latin “religio”, meaning “to bind”. Fallen humanity, under the spell of the old serpent and the Cabal, believes their God is some unseen being in a Heaven far beyond the stars. The truth is that God is wholly within the sentient beings in Earth, who are incarnate to subdue and have dominion over all.

The greatest bondage is spiritual blindness. Because so many are blind to the truth that The Most High God is seen face-to-face each time they look in the mirror, they rely on Sunday service and other religious gatherings to set an atmosphere for the glory of God to fill a building.

The predominant word for worship in the Hebrew is שָׁחָה (Shachah), which means to lay prostrate before. The religious have turned this into a physical act, but our Big Brother, the Master Jesus, taught that a time has come that the true worshippers must worship God in spirit and in truth. The spirit of worship is not to find a particular place or face a certain direction, and lay your body and face on the ground. The spirit of worship is to yield yourselves to the God within one another. The truth of worship is to declare the majesty of God within one another with the words of your mouth.

So, the principle of worship exemplified in synagogues, churches, and mosques is correct. The practice of it, however, is far from correct. If you have ever been in a church service, you have certainly heard the praise team attempting to summons God to come and dwell with them. They begin to experience high emotional energy, and equate this to God being present in their midst. The truth is that God was never absent. They are just ignorant of who and what God is. The key to getting God to show up is to revere the God within you, and the God within all others. This act of worship is just like laying face down on the ground in surrender to the authority of the police. Except, you are surrendering your ego to the Divine Presence within you, and within all others. If you can get out of your fear and arrogance, you will release the God within you, and make way for the blessing of the Lord within others to flow forth unto you.

The Psalmist said “Delight yourself therefore in the Lord your God, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” The word delight there means to be soft, dainty, and pliable before. You want to know why you aren’t receiving what you really want in your heart of hearts? It is because you don’t know your heart of hearts. You refuse to set aside your ego in order to connect to the Father within you, and thus you are ignorant of the desires of your heart.

The reason people bless me is because I AM unashamed to worship the Divine Presence within them. My adoration of the people who are in my life, or enter into my life positions me to receive from El Shaddai within them, especially women. El Shaddai, literally, “the many breasted one”, is the Divine Feminine essence. As I refuse to cease worshipping The Most High Goddess within my Divine Feminine Reflection, I AM confident of this one thing; that he which has begun a good work in me will perform unto the day of Christ Consciousness’ fulfillment. I had to stop being fearful of how others would perceive my worship, and just worship with all my heart. It begins with my mirror worship, welcoming The Most High God I AM to fill the Earth each day, then I turn my worship towards The Most High Goddess she is so that the truth of who she is flows from her innermost being, and fills my Earth with her glory.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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