KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE Part 5: How to Bring Heaven to Earth

While the Holy Spirit is a gift from the Father within to those sons and daughters who do his will, the Soul is actually the heart of the Father. This generation doesn’t know the spirit from the Soul, and actually seeks to make the two interchangeable, or tries to view them as one without having done the work for them to again be.

This is why you only hear of the Soul being saved, but not the spirit. The spirit is the influencer of the lower four bodies, which though indoctrination, take on the sinful nature. The Soul is incorruptible. The spirit in man, however, can become as the spirit of animals, and has.

The salvation of the Soul is about releasing the Father’s heart from the prison you keep it in. Your bodies, by virtue of your perversions are now dungeons where you keep your True Selfย  bound.

Sex doesn’t create Soul ties. No matter how much sex you have, the Soul cannot be one with anyone other than the strength opposite you (i.e. help meet; non-gender specific). The spirit, on the other hand, which rules the emotions and the psyche, experiences transference. If you lie down with a whore, you yourself take on the spirit of a whore, even if the whore is the only one whom you have sex with.

These are the types of things that corrupt the righteous. This is why seduction is the weapon of choice for beasts. The eye of the animal is not single, and the body is not full of light, so they do not have a “Twin Flame”, a “Soulmate”, or a strength opposite. Now, because the eye of humans has become darkened, neither can humans discern their own Souls.

Even the healing of the chakras has been perverted as humanity attempts to activate the kundalini, which is the serpent’s counterfeit of righteous alignment. They rebel against the Father’s Heart, which are the true crown, third eye, and throat chakra. They despise the Mother Flame- the root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra. The result is that the heart chakra is no different than the heart of four-footed beasts, flying creatures, water animals, and creeping things.

Though we are incarnate to rule nature, making all seven kingdoms in the Earth the Kingdom of our God and his Christ, this generation, in their spirituality, has chosen to take their identities from nature. The spirit now is not holy. It is not set apart, and humanity has created terms to promote this perversion. Not only such, but they hate those who wish only to restore the Kingdom to them.

This isn’t cute in the least. You have not seen God, nor Heaven, yet you call yourselves God or Goddess, and Heavenly based solely on a perverted spirit; using defiled understanding. The very, very few who have come to declare the true Kingdom to you, you seek to make mere men like all others. I AM reminded of Aaron and Miriam when they opposed Moses, who was the only one in their midst who had seen God face-to-face. Because they were unwilling to do what it takes themselves, they wished to bring accusation against me, that they might be able to lead equally with me. However, they are the very ones who led the people in their idolatry.

Our responsibility is to restore Heaven to Earth. Instead, using spirituality, the people attempt to go to Heaven through the inventions of their perverse minds, just as with the Tower of Babel. The result: God confounded the languages of the people, which caused them to be scattered, and no longer of one mind, and on one accord. The God within all, who had expressed itself in understanding, had become lost. All of the peoples of the world had become scattered, and devised their own mythos as to who God is. The Kingdom of God was no longer in the Earth, and these men of unclean spirit began to establish their own kingdoms founded upon the lusts of their eyes, lusts of their flesh, and pride of life. Men began to rule according to their egos, and their fallen natures began competing against one another, attempting to satisfy their animalistic natures, instead of their highest selves competing against their lower selves, to bring the lower self back into submission to the will of the Father within them.

Humanity, becoming as the lower creatures, became divided into multiple kingdoms, being ruled by the most cunning, deceptive, manipulative, and physically strong of the men of the world. This is a reflection of the beasts whom men have chosen to become like. Survival became the name of the game for humans, who are the one creation intended to experience eternal life. Humanity has lost her way, and now the Kingdom of Heaven is hidden behind the walls of flesh. The flesh, which itself needs to be mastered, is attempting to master other humans, the Earth, and her children, and this is why the kingdoms of this world are in disarray.

So, how do we restore order to The Universe? How do the kingdoms of this world return to being the Kingdom of our God and his Christ? It begins with a desire to do the will of the Father within, which is that none should perish, but that all will come to repentance. Repentance is a return to the Kingdom within you. This is how we overcome death, hell, and the grave to experience the abundant life we are actually born to enjoy eternally.

Heaven is a fixed state of light. It is life everlasting. Heaven is harmony. It is order personified. It was never a place for men and women to go after death. It has always existed as a dimension within us, where humanity, in the image and likeness of the Father within, subdues and has dominion over The Universe entirely. The Father is unseen, except that the Son, which we all are, reveals him. Heaven, also is invisible until we make it visible in the Earth. The conscious community these days proclaims peace with their lips, but their hearts are far from at peace. In fact, their hearts are constantly at war, because they are intended to serve the True Self, but instead have been given over to youthful lusts. All of their inspiration is perverted, which makes the respiration and perspiration also sinful.

To bring Heaven back to Earth, love is key. Not the love of the world though, but the love of the Father. The Father chastens those he loves, and he corrects every child he receives. If the Father doesn’t discipline you as he does everyone of his children, then you are actually a bastard, and not a child of the Father at all. All this correction is really for one purpose: that you grow up into your responsibility as King of kings and Lord of lords, so that the Kingdom of God again fills all The Universe. The unseen Father within you only desires that, as the Mother prepares a body for you, you embody his image and likeness, and all of creation recognizes you as the God or Goddess you truly are. Though, I AM able to see beyond the veil, other creatures, and those humans who have lowered themselves to take on the spirit and frequency of those creatures, are only able to see what is revealed. Hence, blessed are those who believe without seeing.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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  1. Thank you sir for this
    Sir what if after you lie with a whore and ask for forgiveness will you still be clean and white like snow ?

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