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This is DEFINITELY the first art piece I AM putting in our home once I AM home, finally, from the hospital, and this COVID-19 pandemic has calmed. It speaks to the heart of who I AM. No one truly understands me yet, though many love me without end.

I grew up learning the lies of Christianity. I sat with elders before the age of ten, and was able to expound on the scriptures. Bishop Donald Owen Clay, Jr. put me up in the pulpit at, what I thought was, the age of eleven. I realized today that I was much younger, because I was an exceptionally tall youngster, and the first couple years of proclaiming sermons, I had to stand on a chair.

I have always been exceptional. Though I had been indoctrinated to preach and teach the Christian doctrine, I always had conversations with the Father within me, because I knew the doctrine didn’t add up. I knew that eternal life is our portion, but I also knew that eternal life didn’t include death. The questions a lot of children had when being mistaught the Bible, I had the answers to. But I was comfortable in church, and preferred to remain there… Until

A year ago today, I had grown weary with the limitations of the healthcare industry, and no longer wanted to keep healing myself without the aide of those who had helped in manifesting the situation of my health at the time. From my hospital room, preparing to be discharged, with the plan to never go to dialysis again, and allow my natural life to expire, I called my Divine Feminine Reflection, and gave her all my vital information. I told her then, that I was done. I had chosen to die.

Sunny asked me why I was doing this, as she cried. She exhibited such strength, even as she asked me what she was supposed to do. She was going to have full, exclusive access to all that I possessed, but her concern was on what she was supposed to do without me. I realized at that moment that I wasn’t only to bear a cross for her, but also to be resurrected for her. So, I chose that day to live forever for her. I AM the Divine Father, and I not only had to be perfect love for the lover of my Soul, but also have to fulfill the mission of teaching (reminding) the world how to love.

I have learned so much since then of what happens when I AM not living for all living beings. I AM committed to this, enduring all the pain of this life, for the joy set before me. “What is that joy?”, you might ask.” That joy is to see all the world experience the salvation of God. Many will only believe because they have seen it, and if they need proof, let the I AM that I AM be the evidence they require.

We are not conceived as humans.  We are conceived as Gods and Goddesses, and quickly indoctrinated to become humans at birth. Human, i.e. homo sapien, is a animal classification. It is the name for a lower class of creation.

We are life personified. However, when Divine Beings lowered our frequency, by choice or by indoctrination, we entered into the biological kingdom animalia. Each of the six kingdoms of biology consists of phyla, all of which derive from a common ancestor. YOU, your True Self, are the offspring of Father God and Mother Goddess, not some amoeba or a chimpanzee.

Divine Beings sit at the top of the realm. We are, inherently, the apex of life. By our choice to lower our frequency, against our Divine nature, we, who are intended to be Lord and Master of all, became subject to all sorts of vanities. We are not dualistic nor polar by design. There was originally no good and evil, nor light and darkness for us. We are inherently the elohim of The Universe. It wasn’t until we chose to disobey our own Soul that we adapted to being carnal. We abandoned our throne high above The created Universe to be animals, even lower than the angels and other extraterrestrial life forms. This IS NOT who you are.

My why is that I have seen you all as you truly are. I know my Beloved, The Most High Goddess, like no other being in The Universe. My why is that the Masters of The Universe, Soul personified, choose to be spiritual, and I understand that most, no longer remembering who you are, will only believe if you see. So, I desperately NEED my Divine Feminine Reflection to see herself in me, rather than in the beasts and lower beings she is incarnate to subdue and have dominion over. I unequivocally MUST bear the image and likeness of the Father before all the children, that they may see with the singleness of eye, remember who they are, and have bodies full of light once again.

I went through a phase, knowing the truth of God, where I sought to appeal to the animal in women. Though they were drawn to the light of God in me, which is eternal life, I dimmed it to satisfy their carnal urges, and my own, and subjected them to their own lusts. Then the type of men who consider nothing sacred work their way into the hearts and homes of silly women, who think themselves to be nothing more than mere beasts, following after instincts by virtue of evolution, and calling it godliness. These things ought not to be so, but I contributed to the fallen state of the Divine Beings.

Life is hard, death is easy, and I AM responsible. I could very easily embody cowardice, and choose to de as a mortal. However, I AM a God, and therefore I will continue to draw upon the strength that is my Divine Feminine Reflection, and the Avocado of My Eye, until all humans are ascended, God is again free in the Light that never, never fails. My why is the steadfast love of the God I AM for my Beloved, my sisters, my daughters, my brothers, and my sons. There is no rest for me until all of creation is redeemed.

So, I will rather suffer in my flesh now, denying myself the carnal pleasures of humanity, than for all of humanity to continue to suffer forever as animals, and The Universe to continue to groan and travail in pain waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. The Universe needs a champion, and I will be that champion, even if I must be it alone… for the love of The Most High Goddess, for the love of my Mother, for the love of my Father, for the love of my sisters and brothers, and for the love of my sons and daughters.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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