KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE Part 6: Of Love and Lust

It is true. Death, mortal death, is a choice of the weak. The gift of God is eternal life. If not for my choice to live, even as the I AM that I AM, I would have turned my own Beloved over, and married another. However, I understand that if I love only one who is easy to love, the world will never know love unconditional.

The only way to overcome mortal death is unconditional love for self. Unconditional love for self is demonstrated in self-denial. True self-denial is discipline through the application of knowledge. Those who have not the strength to control their own lusts and urges for the prize set before them, choose to indulge in them instead, and accept the wages of transgression against the abundant life of the I AM presence. That is death.

I have heard the lie all this lifetime that everyone dies. People only believe this because they have never seen anyone choose the hard work to live eternally. It is the same reason people don’t believe in perfect love. People are used to only seeing others love them with limits. For this reason, people have created the lie that love is not supposed to be hard. Yes the fuck love is hard. Love- infinite, perfect, unconditional love- is hard as hell, for it is choosing to die daily for others, but live eternally for the Kingdom.

So, in this day, consciousness and spirituality are built upon death. Everything to this conscious collective is animalistic, focused on survival and temporal pleasures. Animals are designed to die. They are all part of what is called the circle of life, which Divine Beings exist outside of.

Lust is a trait of beasts. It is a byproduct of fear. Fear is natural for lower creatures, but not for the inherently divine. Again, those creatures of the biological kingdoms are innately fearful. Death is a natural experience for lower vibrational creatures. It is not, however, normal for divine beings to be. Death is actually a result of Divine beings lowering themselves to the vibration of animals. It is what happens when the Divine exchanges its natural frequency of love, the highest frequency of The Universe, for that of lust.

In the descent from divinity to humanity, the fear of missing out on something developed. It began with believing a lie that we were being deprived of some pleasures. Forgetting that we were already the image and likeness of the Father, we let the serpent convince us we were missing out on something it was enjoying. He convinced us that the very thing that would take eternity from us was worth more than the Kingdom we were accountable for ruling over.

We are only capable of fulfilling our roles as God and Goddess through love. Love empowers us to first master our own lusts, that we are not subject to the karmic cycle of life and death. Without even realizing it, most everything humans do is lust based. The thing that bewilders the human mind, and makes it subject to vanity and beguilement is that it doesn’t understand that the Father has given to it all things, but there is the requirement that they only be enjoyed in the boundaries of love. Perfect love casts out all fear, even the fear of death. However, the law written upon your innermost being by the Father is that which ensures abundant life, and life eternal.

Consider the popular phrase “eat to love”. Truly, there is a way to eat that breeds eternal life. This is the lifestyle of love. The lifestyle of lust isn’t concerned with eternal life, for it only cares about pleasure. Pleasure, however, is a vibration which breeds death. Pleasure itself is temporal, not eternal. When a being is consumed with pleasure, it is actually consumed with death. It eats to only satisfy the animal nature. It has sex to only satisfy the animal nature. The problem is that none of us are truly animals. So, it is only when we don’t actually love ourselves that we pass up eternal joy for momentary pleasure. Sadly, this generation has not yet the ability to discern between love and lust, and the result is that Heaven is still locked out of the Earth.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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  1. Thank you sir for all the word of God . it is really inspiring here . God bless you @karlwhyt for bringing me here . am here to stay and read more word of God . 🇳🇬

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