The Eye and Ear of the Set Apart Spirit

My children, if you would listen to the heart of the Divine Father, the Kingdom will become yours. The heart of the Divine Father reciprocates only with the Souls of his Beloved, his own brothers and sisters, and his own children. The Father is not moved by the behavior, unregenerate hearts, or the yet-to-be renewed minds of his own. He is provider and prophet; seeing beforehand and declaring the end from the beginning. My word will not return to me void, but will accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

There are some elementary truths that must be understood when standing in the I AM presence as a Father and Master. You MUST understand the DIVINE nature of masculine and feminine, you MUST understand the basics of husbandry, and you MUST understand the fullness of love. The Divine nature of the male is summed up in the word zacar. Zacar means marked one. It represents the sickle and the sword that goes into the soil to prepare it to receive the seed of the word. Neqabah defines the Divine nature of the female. Neqabah means easily pierced. In context, it is the idea behind delighting thyself in the Lord, your God. It is inherently soft, dainty, and pliable.

In each of us, there is the Father and the Mother, however, when we took upon us the flesh of animals in order to experience life in the Earth apart from Heaven, we embodied our designated physical vessels. We became a Soul separated from itself, as the zacar of the Soul took on one body, and the neqabah of the Soul an opposite body. The two are strengths opposite of one another, that are capable of manifesting Heaven in Earth as the two become again one light, or flame.

The Soul has a voice that speaks a language foreign to the human heart and mind. The heart and mind have to be one again with the set apart spirit of the I AM presence in order to discern this language. Though the individual does not know all things, having the ear to hear enables the individual to recognize the voice of the Soul, through the the stones of the heart, which is deceitful and unstable. The Divine Father plants the seed for the Divine Mother to produce the fruit. Understanding that her nature is to be easily pierced, the Father has to be sure of his responsibility as provider and prophet, so that he can recognize when an enemy has come in, and sown tares among the wheat. The Father has to be both strong and gentle enough to not forsake his garden just because thorns appear. The Father, as husbandman, does nothing just for himself, but does all for the sake of his name. His name, though, is not his own. His name is their name. Their name is I AM that I AM.

Sometimes (oftentimes) the heart and mind are oblivious to the voice of their own Soul. The heart and mind are loud. The Soul speaks in a still, small voice. If you aren’t paying attention, you will miss the messages of the Soul. The Soul of the Father speaks to the heart of the Mother by reminding her of who she truly is. The Soul of the Mother responds to the heart of the Father by buds and blossoms, even long before the fruit appears. “Ours” is one of the most powerful words a Divine Feminine can ever speak concerning anything the Divine Masculine ever does. The Divine Masculine does EVERYTHING for THEM, even the most minute of things. The Father seeks nothing separate from his own Reflection.

Just as it is understood that communication is key in every relationship, it is important that you learn to see and hear, as well as speak, taste, and touch with only the spirit holy, or set apart, to the Soul. When we have reached this level of initiation, we will be tempted in all points, even as humans, but will be without sin, or without transgressing against our own I AM presence. Blessed are the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine who believe without seeing with the human eye, for great is their reward for their faithfulness.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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