Redefining Nature

For man, which is the Son of God, the law of The Universe is written upon his innermost being. The simplest way to explain sonship is to be in the image and likeness of the Father. It was never a matter of biology. The Father has no biology. The Father is consciousness, truth, and order. The Father is one with the Mother, who gives life to everything the Father imagines. You, as a Son of God, are the most brilliant imagination of the Father..⁣

In your created nature, you know everything that you need to know in order to embody Christ Consciousness. In fact, at the point of conception, you are everything the light body is. Even your flesh is a result of the information that your biological mother introduces to you en vitro. Your body is the product of the foods your biological mother eats, and your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as human, the results of the environmental and educational influences your biological mother experiences throughout her pregnancy. ⁣

In the Jewish Talmud, the story is told of an angel who sits with each baby during gestation, and teaches the baby everything he or she needs to know pertaining to life and godliness. It is taught that just before the baby is delivered, the angel touches the baby above his or her upper lip, creating the indentation known as the philtrum, and the baby forgets all it was taught. The objective from that point, as it is described in the Talmud, is to remember everything taught by that angel in the womb, once the child has been born.

Though the Talmud is just Hebrew mythos, it is still one particular culture’s explanation of our nature and incarnation. As illogical as the rendering of the tale may be, the truth behind it is consistent within nearly every ancient culture. I find it beautiful that the word philtrum, given as the name for the medial cleft, is actually a Greek word meaning “love’s charm”. As our true, Divine nature is love, and love is the summation of the law, it says we come into the world with the law of love upon our lips. As the sons of God, it is our nature, fully imprinted upon our light bodies, to love- infinitely, perfectly, and unconditionally. We have been taught to war against our nature.

Humanity has attempted to understand itself, and nature as a whole, by studying the other life forms in Earth. However, it is not the nature of nature to love. It is the nature of nature to survive, and survival is the offspring of fear. The sons of God were originally placed in the Earth to teach the Earth, and all within the Earth to love. Perfect love casts out all fear, and from the moment the sons of God learned to fear, by listening to and observing nature, instead of subduing it and having dominion over it, there was no one to teach nature the law of The Universe. All of nature became subject to vanity unwillingly, because the Christic ones forsook our Christ Consciousness, which is our nature, to become animals instead of the Gods and Goddesses we are innately.

Everything you have been taught is based on lower functioning creation. Even your religions attempt to explain to you who you are by using nature as metaphors. The Jews use the lion as the apex of nature. But if you watch the lion, they are only king of the jungle in label. They don’t have the nature of kings. They prey on the weak, and sleep 22 hours out of the day. Yet, this is what many of you choose to be like instead of the Gods and Goddesses you are innately. The Christians project the lamb as the ultimate sacrifice, but the lamb is the dumbest, most easily manipulated animal there is. Yet, they call the object of their worship “the lamb of God”. This is because they misconstrue the concept of sacrifice. In Islamic culture, dogs are highly revered. Dogs, however, will eat their own vomit and feces, if not trained otherwise. Still, humans regularly compare themselves to dogs.

In order to reclaim our nature, we have to be willing to do the work of being purged of everything we have been taught. Look at babies. The ways babies naturally eat is to suck on the mother’s breasts to be nourished. Breast milk is the perfect food for young babies. It provides them everything they need nutritionally to develop physical life, health, and strength. Anything else a baby is fed is not natural for the baby. The only way a baby grows up to kill and eat is to either observe an adult doing so, or to be taught by an adult to do so. Early adults actually learned to consume animals from observing carnivorous and omnivorous animals in the wild. Even the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea only kill and consume other living creatures because no one has taught them the law of God. Again, the fulfillment of the whole law is love. There is actually one law in The Universe for all creatures, and the sons of God are responsible for teaching that law to all of creation.

What you observe today in The Universe is fallen nature. It is the result of the fall of the Lord and King of all, which is man. So now, The Universe operates in disorder and lawlessness. Karma, rather than love, rules over everything. The only way to restore, correct, and heal The Universe is to first restore, correct, and heal the ruler of The Universe. If we don’t endure the fires of purification to return to our true nature, The Universe has no King to establish the law and order. The Universe is waiting for us to fulfill the law, so it understands how it is done. Humanity, which is disconnected from its own Divine nature, must first be shown the way back home. The Masters in the Earth are not trying to teach you anything you don’t already know. We are simply trying to get you to remember who you really are; to lead you to victory over sin and death. We want you to unlearn how to be animals, and be the Lords and Kings you are designed to be.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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  1. I like the part you said “the fulfillment of the whole law is love. There is actually one law in The Universe for all creatures, and the sons of God are responsible for teaching that law to all of creation.” Well Said!

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