Eat By Nature, Not By Nurture

From birth, you are ALL naturally frugivorous. Understand that nature is not anything taught. If you have to be taught to do it out of the womb, it is indoctrination, not education. Education is simply providing a safe, loving, non-judgmental environment for beings to mature according to their own design. ⁣

Over the course of thousands of millennia, filled with indoctrination to animal behavior, man adapted, and BECAME human. Much of what science, especially western science, pushes as proper nutrition for humans is built around the objective of keeping humans in lower vibration.⁣

Gods and Goddesses, by nature are fruitarian. Pay attention to babies. If they don’t see adults around them eating otherwise, they naturally gravitate towards fruits once they are weened from the breast. When a child is ready to mature past a diet of mature breast milk, any fruit he sees, he will eat.⁣

Everything not natural for the baby must be formally prepared by adults for their consumption. Even baby food requires processing and utensils before the baby can consume it. So, from an early age, we were forced to conform to unnatural eating lifestyles. We not only are fed baby food, but soon after are introduced to flesh of other animals, and we adapt to the appearance and taste of what was never meant to be food for us.⁣

By nature, there are only two things humans should ever have to do to be properly nourished and healthy. The first is to be brought near our mother’s breast, and the other is to go outdoors and pick the fruits off the trees and vines. By nature, our food shouldn’t even be cooked. We have been indoctrinated to eat cooked foods, and it is a hard habit to break. ⁣

Now, the kitchen has become the most important room in new home design. We are so conformed to not eating for eternal life that most people won’t even eat the foods natural to our biology without them being processed in some way. Because of your adaptation, you crave smoothies over whole fruits, and even attempt to make foods resembling further processed foods using fruits and vegetables.⁣

Look at the fastest growing segments of plant-based foods today. None of them grow in nature. All of them are created in labs somewhere. There is a capitalistic race to see who can make the vegan products that are most like meat. Instead of completely returning to our natural way of eating, we try to find ways to eat healthy while still feeling like we are eating as we have adapted to eating. ⁣

Eternal life is actually natural for us. There are those who would rather you not live forever. It is not exactly as the conspiracy theorists portray it, but population control has become a common tactic for those who wish to build empires rather than reveal the Kingdom. You have been taught to eat in ways that ensure your death, though you were created to live forever. Most people continue to accept death as natural, so though they eat to live longer, they still don’t eat to live eternally.⁣

So yes, life is hard and death is easy. However, I AM responsible. If eternal life, which is abundant life, is to be my reality, it is up to me. We have to be committed to the disciplines required to live. Especially since we are so addicted food now as a society, it is not easy to be who we truly are. It’s so much easier to do what we’ve been taught to do, conforming to the world system. You aren’t incarnate to fit into the world though. You are incarnate to stand out. And this is the fountain of youth!

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