The Misappropriation of Power

The God or Goddess you are is by creation. The flesh body is a result of your descent. From the beginning, you are not like an animal at all. The dick and pussy will one day rot and decay, and because many attribute their power to it, they lose their identities when their dick or pussy is no longer able to bring them pleasure. The God or Goddess you are is pleasing to your Divine Reflection at all times, even without indulging in the pussy, because the God and Goddess are wholly exclusive of the carnal body, and even the deceitful heart and carnal mind. When one KNOWS God or Goddess, nothing moves that one from his or her place. That is because nothing can exceed that power.⁣

You ARE light. You dwell in a body. All boasting in the flesh is folly. If you notice what every cult has done throughout history is that they have sought to build self-esteem, but then to demean. It is a repetitive cycle for them. They take those who don’t know their I AM presence, and give them a false sense of validation that they don’t feel within their current community. The self they cater to is the false image of self. They paint a picture of a love based on their human feelings. They offer an escape from the reality of their circumstances. The oldest cults in history were sex cults. This is why it is said prostitution is the oldest profession. Early cult leaders convinced others that they held a power that the rest didn’t, and they attributed the power to their sexual organs. They then used their sexuality as a weapon of mass destruction, to take control of the people and the resources. This is still a mindset within the modern descendants of many of these cults, as today you have many who esteem the Goddess above the God all because of a woman’s ability to give birth through her vaginal canal. They forget, though, that childbirth is a cooperative effort of the man and the woman, just as creation is of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

These bodies are just Earthly tabernacles in which The Divine dwells. The pussy is not the Goddess, but simply a (very small) area of the temple of Goddess. It has no power, not even to create. The power to create lies so much deeper within you, not even science can explain it. This is why childbirth is viewed as a miracle. When individuals claim to possess a power others do not, they then use this deception to create subjects for themselves. So, rather than, as Masters, empower their followers to access their own inherent divinity, they create a dependency within them on the leader’s carnality.

The word El, where the word God derived from, literally means power. It is only because humans in ancient cultures tried to explain power without knowing the power, that they worshipped planets, animals, people, plants, and even inanimate objects. They were wise enough to know there was a power higher than their own bodies, but they didn’t realize that power was WITHIN them. They thought their bodies were them. So, they became easily beguiled by serpents and dragons who played on their self-ignorance. These deceivers were able to come along and convince the masses that they were powerless, and the only way to access power was to indulge in the things they had before been advised against. All in all, they only sought to completely disconnect the followers from their own I AM presence.

In our modern culture, there is a false belief that money is power. Because of this deception, people will do almost anything to obtain money. You have heard the phrase, I AM sure, that someone sold their soul to the devil. This whole idea is built on the reality that people will often forsake their real power for some temporal pleasure or satisfaction. Humans no longer care how their choices and actions affect their Divinity. They invest so much in the things that will perish, neglecting the reality that they must live on after the body has deceased, the houses have crumbled, the clothes have become moth-eaten, and the cars have rusted away. This is why Solomon, late in his life, declared all to be vanity. He realized that all that money, and all those wives and concubines were not able to increase his life one bit. Sure, they brought him pleasure, but at the end of your days, those pleasures will only be memories. For many, they won’t even remember the pleasures. All they will know is pain. This is because they spent all of their time and energy sowing to the flesh, and the flesh profits nothing.

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