Where Is Your Power?

Why is it that you humans believe you can change the natures of other creatures, and you fail to even change your own? In our original state as the Christ, we are responsible for subduing and having dominion over all the beasts of the field, the birds of the sky, the fish of the sea, and all other creeping things. However, once man chose to follow a creature rather than lead them, man forsook his accountability and Kingdom.⁣

Sadly, humans today still fall for the lies of the hissing enchanter (i.e. serpent). Many are under the influence of the dragon, which is the very sin of the Garden all over again. The serpent then “helped” the man and woman Adam. It only led to their fall, though the serpent used the lie that obedience to his instruction would make them like God.⁣

In creation, oh you foolish ones, you are the exact image and likeness of God. There is nothing any creature can teach you about being God, or even as God. The hissing enchanter is a symbol of imperialism. The Chinese have used it for millennia to symbolize their control of the world. Outside of the far East, all other cultures recognize the dragon for what it truly is.⁣

So the serpent, knowing the Kingdom you embody, wishes you to believe he can give you some power that you do not inherently possess. As long as you remain as Christ, the serpent cannot deceive the nations. Your Kingdom is a threat to his empire, so he wishes for you to bow your knee to him, in exchange for the Kingdoms of this world. The problem with this is that this gives him authority over the world, by your agreement.⁣

As humans, you wish to tame the wild animals. However, to tame them is not to bring them peace. They will always remain wild, rebellious against universal harmony. The ONLY way to restore peace on Earth is to ascend back to your authority as the I AM presence. Only discipleship accomplishes this, a and only a Master can make disciples. No creature whose Divine Essence is not the image and likeness of the Father can be a Master. ⁣

If you would study the creatures of the world, it would behoove you to learn the origins of their names, which will reveal to you their true nature. Only those who have yielded themselves as slaves to these creatures are beguiled into believing they are anything other than what they have always been. ⁣

To understand idolatry, and why you have always been warned against it, you must first realize that, as you were created, God is wholly within you. The title God is a derivative from the ancient word “El”, which means power. Only man, male and female, is originally made in the image and likeness of God. This, in itself, reveals that the only true power is within you. If you would recognize your significance, it is entirely in that God is wholly within you. Idolatry is to esteem any creation outside of man as a source of true power.

Any other power, whether in animals, mythological creatures, stars, planets, stones, or anything outside of man is only an illusion. The only authority any of these things have is that which your mind attributes to them. Real authority belongs to God, and God is within you. Seeking for significance, validation, or authority in any place other than within man, is delusional. You need to even be cognizant of where those whom you may allow to pour into you attribute their power. If it is from any other source than the I AM presence within, they are possessed, not loved.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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