The Homeostasis of Discipline

Cleanses are a means of achieving an artificial semblance of health. They are truly only necessary when one chooses what feels good to them, even though it is not good for them. When the heart, mind, spirit, digestive system, reproductive system, and all other anatomical systems enjoy perfect wholeness, they naturally cleanse themselves regularly that there is never a need for something from outside the body to restore balance to the total person.

The Earth body, as a reflection of the Heavenly, or light body actually has a dynamic immune system. When something has been given access to the body that is not native to it, the immune system goes to work, employing various functions, such as fevers, cough, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, and perspiration. While the body is attempting to cleanse itself of that which has infiltrated it, healthcare professionals make efforts to treat the system, rather than correct the cause.

In its Divine state, the spirit, heart, mind, and body are preventative. In oneness with the Father, the son (non-gender specific) follows the instructions of the One in whose image and likeness he is made, and thus, resists all diseases- spiritual, emotional, mental, and physiological. The problem with humanity is that carnal pleasure has become the measuring stick used to define success, significance, and validation. However, material wealth and sensory perception are only impressive to empty people. Those who know their God is they’re God, recognize that all of their Divinity is wholly contained within.

Discipline is actually a condition of the heart. When the heart is disciplined, it aligns with the law written upon the innermost being. There is actually one law for all of creation. This law is to love your neighbor as yourself. For man, this law was innate at creation. As Lord and King of all, man was (is) accountable for demonstrating (fulfilling) the law before the presence of all. Even our responsibility to nature and the biological kingdoms of this world is to establish homeostasis. This is what it is to subdue and have dominion over. The first that man is accountable for subduing, however, is humanity.

Let us take into consideration, organ transplantation. When we introduce to the body foods not naturally aligned with our created state, we begin to disrupt our own homeostasis. The body becomes unclean the moment we introduce to it something that isn’t designed for us. In normal circumstances, the immune system immediately goes to work to purge out of us the contaminant. After an extended period of time of ignoring the body’s defense mechanisms, the organs begin to succumb to the parasites. In order for a successful organ transplant to occur, the immune system must be suppressed. 

This is exactly what is done when the inherent divinity, expressed in Self-discipline, is ignored to satisfy the lusts of the eyes, lusts of the flesh, and pride of life. You begin to suppress your divine immunity, and then you begin to allow all types of parasites to take up residence in your heart, mind, spirit, and body. You then have created a need to cleanse in order to rid your body of diseases- physiological, sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual. However, if you would have just maintained discipline, disease would have no means of entry into your life.

Health is the absence of disease. Holistic health is a state of complete homeostasis throughout all of the bodies. There are not enough cleanses in the world to rid yourself of dysfunction as long as you continue introducing into the body foods, beverages, objects, and people that were never intended for you in the first place. Juice and herbal cleanses are necessary when those things never meant for your consumption enter your body. Yoni cleanses are required when you introduce to the vagina substances, objects, and people not created for that purpose. Meditation becomes a prescription when you subject the mind to ideas that are foreign to your righteous mind. Through discipline, you stop allowing garbage to enter your life, and thus you no longer have to cleanse the outer bodies because you have cleansed the inner, and the whole vessel is made clean.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Pureness of heart is not a result of cleansing. It is the cause for Self-discipline. Seeing God is being restored to perfect homeostasis with the Divine Presence of the I AM that I AM, and no amount of pleasure enjoyed from indulgence is able to be compared to the things your God-self has prepared for you. New Earth is pleasure, happiness, and joy unspeakable. They are the Divine emotions experienced from restoration to a perpetual state of harmony. Imagine what is felt by most humans on their wedding day, and multiply that by the power of infinity. That is the reward of discipline: thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory… FOREVER!

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